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Hello and welcome to my humble abode. I am ProfessorM, a self-professed anime snob and apathetic lump. I've been watching anime since before you were born, young 'un, and I've seen a pretty broad swath of everything. I enjoy everything good.

I am a typing nazi.

I am a digital artist and web designer, as well as a writer and poet (

I would write reviews and recs if it didn't take so much effort.

The Top Five anime up there are not actually my top five. I have too many that I like to limit myself like that.

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CeZaS93 says...

Happy birthday =^.^=

Dec 7, 2012
SpineShank says...

Yeah that's what I thought you meant ^^ No problems then!

And if you like somewhat hardcore deathmetal then you might like Otep. The really unique thing about that band is the fact that the lead singer is a girl. It's pretty rare to find a woman that can scream like that. It impressed me at least ^_^

Sep 23, 2008
Hikaru says...

Before i was born, i wonder, the 1 month seems to say otherwise.

Sep 23, 2008
SpineShank says...

What do you mean by "I'm a typing nazi"?

And have you heard of a band called Otep? Your avatar looks like something out of one of their music videos.

Sep 23, 2008
sothis says...

Wait, how have you been watching anime before I was born?? :p

Jan 8, 2008