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Hi hi, I'm known as Prince Vern ^_^ I'm currently 28 years old, which is fairly old to be playing an anime-inspired dress-up game, but well, that's just the case ^_^(\ What else are people my age who don't drink, don't have kids and aren't married supposed to do for fun? And forgives me if I don't act my age at all ^o^ I like to believe that I never grew up in a way, as I've been this way for half my life~

Being as old as I am, I grew up watching anime by downloading episodes over IRC in Realplayer Format over a 28.8k modem using AOL 3.0 ^_^(\ So I've seen my fair share of anime series and shtuff, from romantic comedies, to new 12 episodes series that I can knock out in one sitting ^o^ How I wish I could pick out a favorite or two, but well, there just has been too many I loved~

I've also been listening to japanese/korean/international music for as long as I can remember, starting with anime openings and endings, learning about new artists through that, and so on, but I, like everyone else in the US, also grew up surrounded by rock, pop, rap and country, depending on your geographical location, all of which I can pick artists/songs I like from~ ^_^ I am always willing to give any genre a try, as I know there will be at least 1% of music that I like from the genre~

I've been playing MMORPGs since Ragnarok Online was introduced to me, and I will usually try anything that has a good character creator, especially when I can make either a dark-skinned bard or a light-skinned 2H-axe wielding tsundere warrior girl~ (My female RP character)

As far as a life, I've moved almost a dozen times in my life, so I'm never quite established in any particular area ^_^(\ Right now, I'm in Tennessee, but I've lived in multiple parts of New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut and Florida @3@ I still have yet to go to the west coast, but I hope to visit it someday~

Oh, and if you've noticed, I tend to use japanese emoticons after like every sentence ^_^;; It has caused me to be shunned by quite a few people, but I can't help it @3@ I'm not much for punctuation, it's always just felt way too serious, the closest thing I'd use to a period is a tilde~ ^__^;; Yeah, I may be 28, but I'm not very serious at all~

Thanks for stopping by ^_^/)

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Shinin Feb 16, 2012

Thanks Prince ~u~ <3

rameeshoo2000 Oct 26, 2011



It's Prince Vern from TM xO


I'm your biggest fan xD