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And you probably believed me


When I said that's all for the day, I lied.

So I continued watching Kimi ni Todoke, in fact I watch it now as I type, and *spoiler alert* Sawako confessed to Kazehaya and they finally understood each other. God... I have to stop caring so much... But YES! FINALLY! *happy dance*

*continued watching onto Episode 10 at 9:43*

What the heck? I mean...
"What the heck?" I said, as I saw am looking at the Emergency Earthquake Announcement in the corner of the scene and hearing the emergency alarm chiming in, intrupting a very important part. Then again, I don't think this is cu this is an old broadcast after all, plus I don't live in Japan (yet).

It finally went away. Thank go-

*interupted by dramatic part of episode*

O MY GOD! Kazehaya just yelled he likes her across a crowd at a school festival. (Holy I sound like a squealing fangirl) Appologies, I couldn't control my own fingers from typing that... and I'm guess I haven't erased it yet so, please don't think ill of me or find me too... I don't know the word... hm... oh well.

*continued watching*

God Arai is hilariously stupid! Of course the bribe would get you no points!

*stopped to reread the post*

I must say, if you haven't watched the series very recently you wouldn't understand half this post.
If you haven't watched the sries at all, you must have been so frikin bored. If that second one described you, stop read right now! Your just wasting your life! If you do somehow have a reason to continue on but I just haven't considered it... it doesn't matter, I just finished this post anyway.

*editted because I don't want to make so many blog posts in just one day*

Man, those two are hilarious! As much as this anime makes a minute drag into 10 minutes, I might end up reading the manga.

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