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Blog Start Up/ Kimi ni Todoke


Hello mina!
I only just found out about this blog tab, so I've decided to start up an anime blog. But WARNING, don't get me wrong, it's not meant to be interesting, if it is, I'm glad you could find my random rants about television shows in Japan to be amusing.

Currently I happen to be watching Kimi ni Todoke Season 2. It's been a few months since I've watched Season 1, but I needed a moment of restoration to cool off before continuing the long term stress of hair pulling and yelling at a computer screen.
I honestly don't know what idea or entity advocated me to continue the cycle of gray hairs. Maybe it was one of my best friends', Megan's, reminder a few weeks back. Striking up an anime conversation about Kimi ni Todoke, where she accidentally ventured into the bizarre depths of the unknown "Second Season" without I having watched it, stirring an ancient curiosity. Rereading the last sentence, I realize the dimension to which my english added much unintended overexageration. Let me restate ;*start restating* a couple weeks ago my buddy and I were talking about Kimi ni Todoke and she started talking about scenes I didn't watch so I said I didn't see that scene and she asked if I saw the second season. I said no. Then she continued to talk about the second season even though I don't like spoilers, getting me to kinda want to watch it again. *end restating* Ya... Megan's a good friend...
Maybe my suspicions are slowly becoming the unfortunate reality and the truth of the matter is:

I'm running out of anime that suits my tastes...

That's not possible, nope, not gonna happen. I can't believe I even considered that! 
I think the true psychology behind the decision to progress in this series is, scrolling through my list I felt like watching it.

That's right, I just wasted like a fourth of a minute of your life ranting about the possible reasons I watched a serries even though the answer was in the second to last sentence (sorry about that).

As mentioned, back at what feels like the beginning of time, I briefly covered the base of my thoughts on Kimi ni Todoke and how, sorry to those who don't see it my way, frustrating. If you have the never ending patience and loyalty to sit down and watch the two love birds sneaking peeks at each other every time they think the other isn't looking, confess then become misundertood and end up mopping (sorry if that was a spoiler), and go through the longest most dramatic caption for every action and thought going through Sawako's head at the simple line of good morning, yes, if you have that patience, I commend you. You are a god of some sort. Even if I try to deny my shoujo anime loving side, I can't help but scream at them their feelings for each other.

On the brighter side of things in the end when all misunderstandings are cleared and forgotten I will be happy and finally at peace...
to go on to the next series! 

That's all for today! Sionara!

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