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Hi, my name is Mary. I'm a princess of France. I love shopping. I'm the riches person in the world. I'm also friendly. I can be mean sometimes, though.

I looooooooove my money! One day, I'm gonna be a famous person day. I will be a somebody one day. And I'm gonna get my enemy from youtube get hatred.

Name: Mary
Nationality: White
Age: 15
Eyes: Blond
Hair: Green
Height: 5'3
Status: Single
Favorite food: Chocolate Bunnies
Least favorite food: Meat/Fish/Chicken (meat is bad for you).

Mexorgullo ( He's so nice )
Pop music
Rap music
touching my belly button
Getting my belly button played with
Making fun of nerds
Making fun of Yogi Bear
Making fun people who likes Yogi Bear
Making fun of Tomboys
PrepGirlVictoria ( she's so nice! )

Amu-chan ( for liking old cartoons )
Yogi Bear ( he's a faggot )
Anime haters
Cloning faggots
Mexican hate
Border Patrol
Pop music haters
Prep haters
Mario Bros
Zelda games
Frank Garrett



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