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Hey Guys My Name is Kane. I'm 16 And I'm BSing Highschool To Watch More Anime =D. I Guess You Could Say That I'm One of Those Guys Who Looks Serious On The Outside But When You Talk To Me I'm Like The Most Laid Back Person Ever.

Did I Ever Say I Liked Anime Yet lol?

Guess My Favorite Anime of All Time Would Have to Be Yu Yu Hakusho... A Classic Everyone Should of Watched But If You Haven't You Should =D

I'm Always Looking For a New Anime to Watch So Don't be Afraid to Recommend Me An Anime ok...

Things I Like... Hmmmmm... I Guess You Could Say Anything to do With Cars I Guess =D

I Also Like Rainbows... Not Trying to Be Gay Here But... You Never See One in the Sky Anymore And I kinda Wish I Could See One And Gaze At it With Awe =D

Don't You Hate it How Your Friends Say That All Anime is Is Lolicon... I Mean Like Really... Seriously...WTF

I'm Kidding I Don't Mind Really...Not At All... Yea... =(

The Music That I Listen To is Mostly Metal Ranging From Metalcore to MeloDeath With a Touch of Alternative With Bands Like Sonic Syndicate, Scar Symmetry, In Fear and Faith, In Flames, Disturbed, Mygrain, Linkin Park, Bullet For My Valentine, Disarmonia Mundi, Children of Bodom, and Soilwork.

I Don't Tell my irl Friends That I Listen to JRock Because They Would So Rip on Me But I Guess My Favorite JRock Band Would be GRANRODEO

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What?! No manga ratings?

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Maura says...

Hello :D

Aug 4, 2011
toniymeri says...

I felt sorry when I heard that your youtube account was closed! Thanks to you I was able to watch Ninja Scroll in HD!!

Jun 28, 2011
animeforever817 says...

heh and it shows just how AWESOME I am too XD

Mar 19, 2011
DuTchAniMeNiaC says...

That was almost 1 year ago but maybe I'll pick it up later

But im just not in the mood to watch that cuz lately I've only been watching Shounen anime like KHR, Gintama & Needless


By the way, I wont be online that much on Anime Planet cuz I rather use MyAnimeList cuz I think they have a much more detailed database & they are more up to date

Mar 17, 2011