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Hello world!

My list here is misleading in the sense that I have watched a lot more anime than I have added to the list. I decided mainly only to add anime that I've watched legally in order to promote more of it. I also sometimes watch random episodes of certain anime, and I won't report those since it's hard keeping track of everything. Additionally, the time used on anime might also be misleading because I learned how to watch it in 2x speed on Youtube (best thing ever). Then again, I have watched more than I report, and there's shows I don't even report at all...

These days I'm not so much into anime as I'm into a particular show, i.e. if something is interesting, I'll watch it. General interests include drama, kids' shonen, and "fun" shows. I dislike fanservice shows.

Rating System:

My rating system for anime is also something that needs explaining. It's not really based on quality as much as it is based on a) how much I liked it and b) how much entertainment I got from it. Basically, pretty much opiniated to the max. "Objective" things aren't really present in the ratings. Also, I do not use half stars as that makes rating things WAY harder than it needs to be. Finally, I will not rate shows I have not finished since that wouldn't be a fair evaluation of it.


5 stars: I personally really enjoyed watching the show.

4 stars: It was a good watch, but there were some things that I feel dampered my enjoyment.

3 stars: It was somewhat enjoyable. Not bad, not good.

2 stars: Well, I watched it. Didn't think it was very enjoyable, but at least I watched it all.

1 star: I don't think I'll ever use this, but I felt that watching it was a waste of time. I would usually drop something before even watching all of it if it felt like that much of a waste.

One last thing: if I dropped a show, it doesn't automatically mean I hated it. It most likely is because I don't have the time/want to spend the time watching it. Or it could mean I hated it...

Favorite Anisongs for each Year:

A list of my favorite OPs/EDs for an anime that aired that year. I consider it to be in a particular year if the OP/ED in question started during that year.

I take into consideration the song itself and the animation that accompanies it (how much each is worth depends on the song I guess). Everything is subject to change. Some songs might even be from things I haven't personally watched or things I haven't noted in my anime list.

As for honorable mentions, they're songs I liked as well during that year. They could be liked almost as much as my fav OP/ED, but due to the nature of the list I can't list them there. 


Fav OP:

Complication - ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D (Durarara! OP2)

Fav ED:

Trust Me - Yuyu Matsushita (Durarara! ED1)

Honorable Mentions (in order):

Hikari no Senritsu - Kalafina (Soranowoto OP)


Fav OP:

Hyadain no Kakakata kataomoi-C - Hyadain (Nichijou/My Ordinary Life OP1)

Fav ED: 

Secret Base - Kimi ga Kureta Mono (10 years after version) - Ai Kayano, Haruka Tomatsu, and Saori Hayami (Anohana ED)

Honorable Mentions (in order):


Fav OP:

Can Do - GRANRODEO (Kuroko's Basketball OP1)

Fav ED:

Start it right away - Hyadain (Kuroko's Basketball ED1)

Honorable Mentions (in order):

Black Rock Shooter - supercell feat. Hatsune Miku (Black Rock Shooter OP)


Fav OP:

Nibun no Ichi - BACK-ON (Gundam Build Fighters OP1)

Fav ED:

Roundabout - Yes (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ED)

Honorable Mentions (in order):

The other self - GRANRODEO (Kuroko's Basketball Season 2 OP1)

Mugen no Rebirth - DAIGO (Cardfight Vanguard: Link Joker-hen OP2)


Fav OP:

Tada Hitori - Bakudan Johnny (Ping Pong The Animation OP)

Fav ED:

Hanpan Spirit - Hyadain (Gundam Build Fighters ED2)

Honorable Mentions (in order):

Bokura ni Tsuite - merengue (Ping Pong The Animation ED)

Daze - Jin feat. MARIA from GARNiDELiA (Mekakucity Actors OP)


Fav OP:

RAISE YOUR FLAG - MAN WITH A MISSION (Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans OP1)

Fav ED:

Honorable Mentions (in order):


Fav OP:

Fav ED:

Honorable Mentions (in order):


Fav OP:

Fav ED:

Honorable Mentions (in order):

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