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5--  Ubeliveable anime I have or will watch again. Makes life that much better.

4--  Great show that Im happy I didnt pass up.

3--  Hit and Quit it. Good to watch once but never see again

2--  Good for Background noise otherwise read a book

1--  If all anime was destroyed except for these I would still

have to think about it before watching them

0--  Ouch it Hurts!! It Hurts!!


If I have given a half a star then I just couldnt decided between the two ratings

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hugoismyname avatar hugoismyname

Thanks! ^_^

Sep 20, 2011

Thanks if you really liked Mushishi you should check out Kinos Journey they are very similar shows and its only 13 episodes.

hugoismyname avatar hugoismyname

Great Recommendations!

Sep 1, 2010

I checked out fairy tail like you said, at first i wasnt buying it but now its grown on me. Top five anime maybe.. but definetly in my top ten. Thanks for the recomendation!

hugoismyname avatar hugoismyname


Aug 6, 2010

Thanks man, i also recently had an anime craving but have had a difficult time finding something good to watch so ill definitely check out Fairy Tale. I totally agree with you on bleach the show is good but tends to sidetrack on a lot of crappy fillers. I would like to recommend some anime but you have pretty much seen anything i have, the only 2 i can recommend are getbackers ans saiyuki. Also ive never been much of a mecha dan but i see you have gundam seed as your favorite show would you recommend it to a non mecha fan.

P.S. how you get the name pointy green

PhoenixRider avatar PhoenixRider

Thanks! ^_^

Aug 2, 2010

Almost an entire year later and I read your response. :P

Thanks for that. ic

graafnacula avatar graafnacula


Apr 9, 2010

If it would be like a season longer it would have been better (with proper finish :)). But still love it :P

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