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Death Note

Feb 8, 2014

Some Spoilers Ensue:

Perfect ending to a flawless series. I love the anime and the manga is just as good. The show followed almost exactly, minus the last chapter which was an interesting take on Near's thinking. The theory in the end could even have kept going and I would have loved to hear more. However, I enjoyed it all the same. I thought without L the series would lose steam, but Light's character is so dominant and evil. I enjoyed Mello and Mikami as well. Near was not my favorite, but I like the idea that the two heirs equal one L. The overall satisfaction came from the explanation of not only the ending, but every major twist in this story. I didn't pick any of them which was refreshing and all were interesting and smart. The artwork was beautiful as well. This is in the top 5 anime I've ever seen and now the series is added to my favorite manga as well. 10/10 flawless.

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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xero25 Feb 15, 2014

deff a much watch anime, its twisted and suspensful will have u routing for the bad guy which is the main character Yagami light!