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School Days

Nov 4, 2013

Some Spoilers Ensue:

Dear lord what the hell did I just watch? I really can't quite decide if it was brilliant or terrible...it's one of the two because I don't think this one gets to revel in middle ground. Normally, I like shock cinema in general so this show with its thouroughly shocking ending was pretty awesome. I don't think people really understand this show and it's definitely mis-catigorized. True it does take place at a school with children of a young age, but this is practically showing the audience the psychological beatings some people make or let themselves endure. You can change the age to 20's, 30's, etc and it would still be the same. Love triangles, cheating, lying, affairs, irresponsible behavior...its always there. Most people have no idea what they want. It's also giving some insight into the debate on sexual addiction and the horrifying attachment some spouses (male or female) have to their lover. Though this was a bit over the top, I've watched enough ID Discovery to let you know that things like this happen...a lot. In extreme cases, people will lie about pregnancy and things along those lines to keep their spouse, or actually resort to violence. It was well done here because each character was so broken down, by the end, I didn't know who would crack first. The psychological trauma that Katsuma went through was enough for me to put this show on the PAIN pedistal (shows with excessive amounts of pain and sadness). By the end, I was feeling such mixed emotions for each character I had to stop for a minute. I'm sorry people, but I like depressing shit. This show was heavy...though the characters were nieve and unlikable, (Makoto belongs at the very top of the Douchebag pyramid) they were brought to you with some nice development so you got the jist of the type of person you were looking at. This was totally not what I expected going in. It started fluffy and turned into a play on mindless society, karma, love, selfishness, and the lengths people go to get what they want.

Verdict: Yep, brilliant. 8/10.

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9/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
8/10 overall
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