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Eden of the East

Nov 2, 2013


This was Definitely thrilling! It's 11 episodes long and a super fast watch. I loved the mystery behind Takizawa and the political power play cat and mouse. The scenery and music were gorgeous. The idea behind Eden of the East as a website was, and is, a bit scary...knowing everything about everyone...creepy, and also very real and probably something coming our way soon. There was definitely a lot to love here, though exciting as it was, it did have its faults. The first being the fact that not everything was explained. The movies may add to this, but as of now, I feel disappointed a bit. I feel it lost its way from what the original and brilliant idea was...having all that money and a phone that acts as a Genie in the voice of Juiz, used to change the world. It was there, this plot, it just got lost along the way. The idea of the Selecao was super interesting, though there were a few plot holes and by the end, I was left feeling a bit unsatisfied with the cliffhanger ending. Who is Mr. Outside? Someone we know? What was the point of missle attacks all throughout Japan? Why did Takizawa have to be the "bad guy" in front of the NEETS? Also the character development wasn't as good as I would have liked. Some were amazing, but others needed a little bit more backstory. I found myself feeling more emotion in the few scenes with the Johnny Hunter than most with Saki. However, I lovedddd Takizawa. He was a splendid character. 

Overall, most of the way through, I was extremely intrigued and excited, but towards the end, it didn't go as far as I had wanted it to...the climax was pretty predictable and I think I just wanted more after all the revelations of the other characters and Takizawa's revelations etc...the idea was there, it just didn't pan out as well as i wanted...we'll see how the movies fair.

6.5/10 worth a watch, though not perfect.

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7/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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