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In my free time, I watch a lot of anime and read a lot of books. I'm always up for new recommendations and I have a wide variety of music, television, and reading taste. I have a Clannad tattoo and I adore finding new fandoms and exploring new ideas.

Favorite Anime:

1. FMA Brotherhood

2. Clannad/Clannad After Story

3. Ouran Host Club

4. Attack On Titan

5. Black Butler

Currently LOVING:

1. Tokyo Ghoul. it's amazing everyone should be watching it! Also, Book Of Circus is brilliant and I suggest all of Black Butler, but the new season is just epic.

2. DRAMAtical Murder. NO not the anime sadly =( ...I'm talking about the visual novel. It.Is.Perfect. I suggest it to every yaoi fan over the age of 18...the anime's artwork doesn't even hold a candle to how gorgeous these characters look. Just go play it...then play reconnect. Currently, I have finished all of Reconnect except for Clear's good ending and all of Noiz. =)

3. The Black Butler Manga. It's so different from the series and I really love it.

Anime landmarks:

1st anime: if you don't count Pokemon (since I'm re-watching it and never actually finished most of it) it was Elfen Lied

25th Anime: Sword Art Online

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Chaoswitch says...

You're welcome! I hope so too... Though I am worried on how they are going to squeeze down such a large arc into only two episodes. Than again we don't know how long those episodes will be.. hm. Maybe they'll make it as long as some of the Hellsing Ultimate episodes. Ah, October can't come soon enough.

Sep 16, 2014
TropicalSwirl says...

Hi there! Just wanted to say that I enjoyed your Book of Circus review and completely agree--it was the best season, it was beautiful, great music, Sebastian is perfect, etc. etc. Then I also noticed that you love some of my favorite anime as well: Kuro, FMA: Brotherhood, Ouran, and Attack on Titan. (:

Sep 15, 2014
duchessliz says...

Hi! I just stumbled upon your page after reading one of your reviews ... I noticed you're a fan of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi and just wanted to tell you that the Movie starring Yokozawa has been subbed so is available to watch now. It was cute! I hope you like it as much as I did! :D

Aug 30, 2014
Th3Laugh1ngMan says...

Aww thanks. (:

Jul 2, 2014
XcanaXalberona says...

I'm really liking Noragami and Inari Kon Kon. Hopefully they won't mess it up with the ending. Log Horizon and Kill la Kill are pretty nice too.

Jan 22, 2014