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Romance anime, that has a lot of funny scenes and tried to be very dramatic. I liked it it because it almost has everything. the only thing I dont like is the way they made the story very dramatic and illed serious at the end. Its like everything that the characters do needs to have a dramatic impact to it.

It has a lot of characters and they tried to jumble them with love interest so forth and so on but on the middle on the show it clearly show which boat or whats the love interest of the protagonist will be, its a no brainer.

So-so plot/ no twist really just plain old misunderstanding drama.. expected ending.


7/10 - first 12 episode were really good. then the forced drama came it went downhill. also Im all for Minorin! lol


I'd recommend it for people:

Likes Romance, Slice of life. not slow but enjoyable

Soap opera atmosphere check

Love triangle check

Guys who miss their High school days.


Worth to buy Bluray/DVD:

DVD maybe, blu ray no.. the animation was ok but nothing fancy. expect JC staff



Overall enjoyable, its a good watch. quite funny most of the time, and make you nostalgia the sweet High school days. replay value is okay.. but I avoided the forced drama. Its to much for me the first time around :)

6/10 story
6.5/10 animation
6/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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