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Night Wizard

Nov 22, 2009


I have forced myself to watch this anime, just so I could submit a review to tear this piece of crap apart. The plot, completely unoriginal. Mindless slashing, screaming, and shooting of demons basically sums up the entire plot. Even action junkies such as myself, will find the action sequences dull, cliche, and uninteresting. I think my IQ dropped 10 points after I finished this series.

I generally watch anime for two reasons:

1) To find a rare meaningful anime that will leave a lasting impact and can be watched countless amounts of times because it is that epic.

2) To waste time.

This anime, was so dreadful, and mind numbingly stupid, and boring, and unoriginal, that I actually do consider the 4 somewhat hours I've spent watching it wasted. Usually I don't give a crap, but this was just so horrible. And it wasn't the good type of horrible where it acutally becomes funny. Plan 9 kind of funny. The plot was so predictable, that I guessed the outcome of the series from the second episode. The only people that Night Wizard might even remotely appeal to are the squealing fan girls who don't care what the anime is about, just as long as the main character is hot. The plot line goes everywhere. They directors unsuccesfully try to incorporate romance action and comedy into one big mess. The pacing is equally as bad. One minute they're in an intense battle sequence, the next they're having tea.

Another thing that really irritates me is the comedic relief. Not only is it NOT funny, but they just jam it into completly random places. It's as if the directors were just randomly pointing to cut scenes and exclaiming "Hey look, life threatening booby traps! Let's make it funny!". Honestly, I want to track down these producers and soak all of their undergarments in kerosene.

Don't watch it, even if you do have nothing better to do. You'll regret it. If you do watch it. Contact me, I'll hook you up with a psychologist.


Not much to say. It isn't horrible, it isn't good. Mediocre.


The sounds in an anime are very important for establishing the mood, and in most cases, reflect the quality of the anime itself. At least in my opinion it does.

The music in this anime is repetitive, and uninteresting. Like the anime itself.


Where do I start. Ok, think of 3 types of common anime girls there are:

1) The overly innocent, level 5 tribe girl who is an orphan and only wants everyone to be happy

2) The apathetic girl who exhibits no emotions.

3) The overly bubbly one, who screams things like "HENTAI!!!", is abusive to the main character, and says ridiculously stupid things that are supposed to be humorous.

Well, there are your three female protagonists. Add a failing delinquint who wields a sword, is loud, brash, annoying, and some what obsessed with power, and there is the main character list.

All of the characters are shallow, and their dialogue was so simple that I actually could predict what they were going to say WORD for WORD. The character designs were also nothing special, in fact, they all looked exactly like how they were described. (i.e. the innocent one looked little, had big eyes etc.)

The villains weren't better. They were being evil...well, because apparently they had nothing better to do. I'm sure that every time a villain laughed, a singing cat would hate it too.


I actually feel like I'm being generous by giving this anime a 2/10. But considering this is my first review, I feel like I should be somewhat leniant.

Plus, it could have been worse. At least they didn't add ecchi here, although some people would consider that an improvement.

 This series was the epitome of all mediocre shallow shounen animes with annoying characters. Maybe you should do something more worth your time, like bashing your brains out with a dictionary to try to gain more IQ points.

2/10 story
4/10 animation
2/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall

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ImSylar Oct 31, 2014

I picked a random anime from my want to watch and chose this.....This is going to be fun -__-

4EverDreamer Oct 31, 2011

Well, you are mostly right . . . But I've seen worse. For some reason I watch bad anime so I have something to compare true masterpieces to. But, ya know, it isn't "as" bad as you make it out to be. I don't get bored watching it at least, but yeah, this story has a lot of problems

magicseaker Jul 28, 2011

I love this review so much, when I watched it years ago, I was like this is shit and I hope no one has to ever watch this like I did...

bocoom Jul 1, 2011

wow you TORE into this anime ill never watch this crap if its that bad