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Generator Gawl

Dec 13, 2011


So I mainly picked up this show to satisfy my action cravings. It accomplished this aspect very well. However, the story itself isn't very original. Basically, people come from the future, try to save the past while infiltrating a high school yada yada yada. It's been done before, many many times. Still, the show itself was interesting to watch. Even though the plot wasn't intricate or original, I still found myself excited for the next episode, so the entertainment aspect of this show was (at least for me) good compared to what I thought it would be. There were also a couple of plot twists at the end that did manage to surprise me and throw my self made theories down the drain. 

The pacing of this show was a little strange. Given that it was only 13 episodes long, this was expected. The episodes all usually follow the same formula, so by the middle of each episode, you can predict what will happen towards the end. However, if you're just craving some action, then this shouldn't really bother you all too much. 


The female lead of the show had a weird character design. That's all I can really say on character designs. However, the animation was decent for its time. This show probably didn't have the largest budget, and since it was made in the late 90's it's not bad. The Generator designs are also a little funky. They looked more ridiculous than they did scary/intimidating.


Honestly, the soundtrack made no impression on me whatsoever. I watched this show recently, and don't remeber ever paying attention to the music. The dubbed version was good as well as the regular one. Personally I liked the dubbed one more.


The characters had surprisingly decent chemistry. So it was fun watching them banter from episode to episode, though it did get kind of annoying towards the end. Some characters angst over previous deeds and what not, however, it doesn't get annoying, due to the short length of the series. If it was longer, then yeah, it would definitly become obnoxious.


This was a fun watch because it filled up time. My craving for action was sated. In terms of everything else, this is a mediocore anime. Nothing is really original, nor makes a lasting impression. If you're looking for some deep philosphical series, or seeking out classics or something of the sort, don't watch this. Don't watch this if you're not craving ass kicking either, cause then you'll notice the faults of the show ten fold.

6/10 story
5/10 animation
4/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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