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Oct 2, 2010

Story: was your average shounen series I guess. Except this one had a darker twist to it.

Honestly though, it was nothing new. Boy gets power. He's scared of power. Faces strong opponent. Defeats opponent. Meets even stronger opponent, etc. And the way the series set the powers up was very convenient, they get stronger with every usage. So, I guess I knew what I was headed for, so I wasn't too dissapointed. Actually, it was the opposite. This series is as cliche and predictable (for the most part) as these types of shows get. Yet for some reason, I couldn't stop watching it. I had to continue, I had to know what would happen next.

Maybe it was because it tingled my long deprived action cravings. Maybe it was because I had nothing better to do. But honestly, I did get a lot of satisfaction watching this show and I would recommend it to people who have lot of spare time, and currently do not have a series to watch.

One thing I did like about this series was that it had no fillers. There was action in every single episode. Something was always happening. So that kept me on my toes, and one thing less to complain about.

Animation: It's been a long time since I've watched something this quality. It was really bad. There are an infinite amount of still shots and just generally bland colors and uninteresting scenery. The character designs also pissed me off a little. Jabberwock looks more ridiculous then he does frightening. The main character has the weirdest, puffiest, bushiest, side burns ever. Every time I looked at him, I couldn't ignore those sideburns.

Sound: I had a hard time scoring this one. The soundtrack was completely forgettable. However...the dubbing. Oh gosh, the dubbing, I watched the first season in Jap with Eng subtitles, but couldn't find that format for the second season. So I watched it in English. I..I honestly don't know what to say. It was so ridiculous that it was actually hilarious. I wrote the quotes in a book. Here's a sample:

"Everyone's going crazy! They're acting like frat boys on a panty raid!"

It's just the way the characters say these lines, and in the situation they use it in that gets me. A little 12 year old boy genius goes around calling everyone "fuck heads", which of course led to me hysterically cracking up for a good 10 minutes.

And also, there is SO MUCH cursing in this show. I mean, I don't give a crap about being a potty mouth. I curse all the time. I even get happy when characters in animes curse. But was just annoying after a while. I swear, Hayato's (one of the main characters) vocabulary literally consists of "Fuck, Bitch, Damn, Dick, ass, etc." I literally wanted to punch him after a couple of episodes.


Well, you've got all of them. The innocent girl. The hero who is afraid of his powers. The timid one. The brash loud annoying one. The girl who doesn't trust anyone. Oh, and they all have a troubled pasts. I could go on and on, but for everyone's sake, I'll leave it at that. The hero spends most of the show angsting. Hayato spend most of his time cursing little kids out and being loud angry and just generally, an asshole. The timid one is just there. He does stuff, but you don't really give a damn about him. I felt nothing for any of these characters. When ever they weren't acting like themselves they were spewing cliche statements like "I'll protect the ones I love!" Great great great dialogue. Really. Really makes me want to cry and say "Oh, they're so brave!"


Despite the fact that this series is as mediocre as it gets, I still enjoyed it. I suggest you watch a couple of episodes in season 2. You'll get a kick out of the dialogue.

5/10 story
2/10 animation
6/10 sound
3/10 characters
4/10 overall

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