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Bryan here.  I began casually watching anime during the early days of Adult Swim, but it wasn't until a bunch of stuff started coming to Netflix streaming about five years ago that I really got in to anime. I've been watching somewhat regularly ever since.

Having had such a late start to anime, I generally watch just as much older stuff in an attempt to catch up, as I do new stuff. Slice of life/slow-paced/drama/romance with the occasional comedy have always been my go-to genres, but I've enjoyed series of just about any genre.  I also try to keep up with anime films as well.  I am THE biggest fan of Makoto Shinkai.  And Porco Rosso remains the best Ghibli movie. :D

I'm a nerd for most other things as well. I play a lot of video games, watch a lot of Netflix/Hulu/HBO, see all the latest movies, and follow most sports (originally from MN, Twins/Vikings fan).

So, yeah! I'm always up for discussing any series. Nobody I know in my everyday life watches anime, so this is kind of where I get my fill. Feel free to message me, or invite to chat (what chat client do people even use these days...), or follow me on Twitter @Gleszinski. See ya around!

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duchessliz says...

My thoughts on Wolf's Rain ... it was a genuinely good anime ... until the OVA. The ending pissed me off. I was half tempted to hurl my laptop across the room! Nothing pisses me off more than a messed up ending ... where the whole anime is enjoyable, right up until the end ... and then it destroys whatever enjoyment you once had from one incredibly stupid end. The Wolf's Rain ending gave me flashbacks of the ending of Utawarerumono, while the endings were different, the disappointment I felt after completing these series was remarkably similar... I hold a grudge against both series 'cause I feel like the time I spend watching them was a waste...

May 10, 2015
duchessliz says...

I really liked the first episode of Arslan Senki and it prompted me to read the manga, which I've enjoyed so far ... it's kind of odd that I keep getting drawn into political based anime ... but I like it. Arslan Senki is a lot more serious than Akatsuki no Yona but it does have some funny minutes tossed in ... mostly around Arslan and Narssus... and a little Daryun. I think I'm really going to enjoy it! What about you? What do you think of it so far?

Apr 13, 2015
duchessliz says...

As soon as it comes out I'm buying Akatsuki no Yona. I want that second season! xD

And as for Log Horizon ... Right now there are only the two seasons but ... by the way the second season ended there will hopefully be another. They don't have one in the works yet but ... give it another year or so and I'm sure there will be a third season! As to the series itself ... I really liked it! I started watching it while I had bronchitis and ended up laughing myself into coughing fits lol but it was worth it! xD It has everything a good series needs ... comedy, adventure, action, and great characters! I think you'll like it!

Mar 29, 2015
duchessliz says...

There is quite a bit that happens in the manga that they could eventually animate. I think maybe they're trying to see how DVD sales go first or something before they think about a second season ... they do that a lot ...

As for Zeno ... I read the wiki page and ... yep, there is a LOT more to him than it shows ... I can't wait until the scanalators catch up so I can read the chapters about his past! :D He's definitely got the most interesting past compared to all the others!

I realy hope that the OVA does the Love Potion chapter of the manga ... 'cause that was honestly the most hilarious chapter of the manga so far! xD

And thanks! I thought it was time to change the banner! It shows my support for HakxYona! xD

Mar 28, 2015
duchessliz says...

Sorry for the late reply! And you're welcome! I'm glad that you liked Akatsuki no Yona! I miss it already ... :(  I can only hope that they finish translating the thirty or forty chapters that the scanalators haven't caught up with yet ... it's getting really good! :D

Mar 27, 2015