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Bryan here.  I began casually watching anime during the early days of Adult Swim, but it wasn't until a bunch of stuff started coming to Netflix streaming about five years ago that I really got in to anime. I've been watching somewhat regularly ever since.

Having had such a late start to anime, I generally watch just as much older stuff in an attempt to catch up, as I do new stuff. Slice of life/slow-paced/drama/romance with the occasional comedy have always been my go-to genres, but I've enjoyed series of just about any genre.  I also try to keep up with anime films as well.  I am THE biggest fan of Makoto Shinkai.  And Porco Rosso remains the best Ghibli movie. :D

I'm a nerd for most other things as well. I play a lot of video games, watch a lot of Netflix/Hulu/HBO, see all the latest movies, and follow most sports (originally from MN, Twins/Vikings fan).

So, yeah! I'm always up for discussing any series. Nobody I know in my everyday life watches anime, so this is kind of where I get my fill. Feel free to message me, or invite to chat (what chat client do people even use these days...), or follow me on Twitter @Gleszinski. See ya around!

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duchessliz avatar duchessliz


Jul 3, 2014

Still World Is Beautiful (a.k.a Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii) was really enjoyable for me ... I would give it an overall 7.5 rating. If you can overlook the fact that it's a shota rom/com than you'll really enjoy it. I kept telling myself that Livi is fifteen even if he looks twelve 'cause the wiki said he's fifteen so I'm gonna stick with that lol Makes it more enjoyable when you realize the age difference isn't quite as large as it appears. It had great comedy, some nice drama, and a wonderful soundtrack. IThough ... if you don't enjoy it after watching two episodes you probably won't like it...

lyllyean avatar lyllyean


Jun 9, 2014

Yeah, but was really slowpaced and i had to drag myself through the first half. The second half was really nice though.

lyllyean avatar lyllyean


May 18, 2014

I downloaded it, but you can watch it on the net to, just google it.

lyllyean avatar lyllyean

Thanks! ^_^

Apr 16, 2014

Thanks, is a fanart of Kirito of Sword Art Online, but here he's a girl.

lyllyean avatar lyllyean


Apr 15, 2014

Nice to meet you to!, ^^, My little monster is a great anime. you're totally right though, it is kind off a mix between those to other anime.

See you! ^^

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