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Bryan here.  I began casually watching anime during the early days of Adult Swim, but it wasn't until a bunch of stuff started coming to Netflix streaming about five years ago that I really got in to anime. I've been watching somewhat regularly ever since.

Having had such a late start to anime, I generally watch just as much older stuff in an attempt to catch up, as I do new stuff. Slice of life/slow-paced/drama/romance with the occasional comedy have always been my go-to genres, but I've enjoyed series of just about any genre.  I also try to keep up with anime films as well.  I am THE biggest fan of Makoto Shinkai.  And Porco Rosso remains the best Ghibli movie. :D

I'm a nerd for most other things as well. I play a lot of video games, watch a lot of Netflix/Hulu/HBO, see all the latest movies, and follow most sports (originally from MN, Twins/Vikings fan).

So, yeah! I'm always up for discussing any series. Nobody I know in my everyday life watches anime, so this is kind of where I get my fill. Feel free to message me, or invite to chat (what chat client do people even use these days...), or follow me on Twitter @Gleszinski. See ya around!

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kidkonseptual says...

Thanks man! Enjoy the Fall season :D

Oct 10, 2014
duchessliz says...

It depends on whether a character who has incestious feelings for her brother would bother you ... personally I don't really care for that aspect of it and that severely crippled my enjoyment of the series ... I would  only rate it a 6/10. Decent, but dragged down by a character I wish they had killed off because she was annoying as hell ... she said the words 'onii-sama' more than a hundred and sixty times throughout the 26 episodes ... it got extremely irritating. And if you're curious as to the 'onii-sama' count ... someone on the forums I haunt started a tally for each episode, that's how annoying Miyuki was >.<' this really isn't an anime that I would recommend...

Sep 28, 2014
CattyKatty says...

duchessliz is actually incorrect about the first season following the manga in the first fifteen episodes. Take if from a manga reader, it didn't. It diverged right in episode one, the man "Damian" was no evil, he did not get burned alive in an oven, nor was his name even Damian, it was Sir Clause. Episode 2 was actually chapter 3-4 in the manga, Episode 3 was chapter 2 in the manga, 4-6 were canon with alterations that were not in the manga, 7-12 was filler (never happened in the manga), 13-15 was canon but with alterations that were not in the manga. They were right about the rest being anime original though.

Book of Circus followed the manga closer than what season one did, but it too had fillers and alterations in the episodes that was not in the manga. (I've been reading the manga since 09, the year the Circus arc starting in the manga. I read it first before watching any of the anime. The manga is 10,000 times better than the anime. Book of Circus was good, better than the other two, but I still highly recommend reading the manga from the start up to it's current chapter (97 atm. 98 in October.))

Sep 25, 2014
duchessliz says...

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus was really good! I wrote a review for it if you feel up to reading it ... I thoroughly enjoyed it! And as for the original anime ... The first season only follows the manga for 15 episodes ... from there on it's anime original ... the second season was also anime original ... the Book of Circus arc is apart of the manga and picks up after the curry contest arc which ends on episode 15 of the original anime. I actually really liked the anime original ending they did of the first season! I have a love hate relationship with the second season though ... depends on my mood ... sometimes I love it and sometimes I don't ... I do recommend the series though. It's very entertaining!

Sep 12, 2014
Velu says...

Hi, how are you doing? Hisashiburi da ne. I've been thinking about checking in on you for the past few days actually :D. I don't even remember when it was the last time we talked. To answer your question, I do watch a lot of yuri. Though if I popped up on your feed when I tagged Blue Drop, I actually watched about four years ago, I must have forgot to tag it when I compiled my initial list.

I haven't seen Mnemosyne. I was avoiding it for a time because I read it's not really any good and then I forgot about it. But I'm sure it must be better than some of the stuff I'm watching now so I might as well give it a try.

So what are you up to these days? :)

Sep 11, 2014