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Hellu there.

I'm a 21 year old girl, who's been connected to anime since the age of 14. I have a weakness for pretty and characteristic artwork, and therefore I tend to pick manga and anime with pretty art. If the maker can't draw better than me it tends to annoy me.

I mostly read manga, but I've read about a thousand manga stories, so it'd be rather troublesome to add them all here. Maybe sometime in the future. From time to time I watch an anime series or two, but I tend to go back to manga after a while. I'm quite an on / off manga and anime fan. I can go for months without watching og reading anything, and then I'll freak out in a week or a couple of days, reading manga or watching anime nonstop. Rather crazy, isn't it?

Lately I've been more interested in anime again, and that's why I've joined this community. Hope to get some great recommendations from browsing here.

You can visit my blog for free wallpapers, here if you want to. :) I specialize in simple wallpapers, since I like to keep things simple.

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Satrius says...

about your question on the Tokyo Magnitude anime review from cassie...

( Kind of a spoiler right after this text for those who haven't watched the anime and are reading my comment)

"I think it was Fatigue"

Oct 5, 2012
xxjacobxx3 says...

Sometimes if an anime doesn't have many other reviews, I will give my crapy opinion. That is all it is. My opinion. If someone reads what I have to say and can get anything from it in deciding whether they want to watch it or not, then good. If they dont understand, ok. If they disagree with what I have to say, perhaps that encourages them to go against what I have said and watch it. Either way, what I have done is given information for others to better their decisions.

What you have said has not convinced me to stop. If you can prove that what I have done goes against my own morals, then I will stop. I try not to be an illogical person.


May 27, 2012
CreatorBurden says...

Hey, saw your comment on the review for Tokyo Magnatude 8.0. SPOILER SPOILER EPIC SPOILER.....Did I write that enough? Probably not.

Yuuki dies from heat stroke. He had all the signs of it, if you do not get medical attention your brain essentially...shuts down. That is pretty much what happens to him.

Damn that anime made me cry so many times.... 

Apr 1, 2012
kaosu says...

Thanks for your input. Hopefully I editted it enough for future readers :)


And I guess Haru's ill-intentions were just her own human nature as you said.  Something simple as that huh. lol

Aug 15, 2011
chico89 says...

hi pirol,you jhave nice avatar.......can you plz recommend me a romance drama anime which have mature looking male protagonists like skip beat,itazura na kiss ,glass mask guys.....i actually dont like child looking heroes....so if you help me... i would be thankful to you.....have great time....

Jun 7, 2011