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Hi! for very obvious reasons... i have adopted the name PiratePandaGurl...


THIS IS MY FAVORITE SMILEY: XD ... It reminds me of my best friend... kekeke.. anyway... likes? hmmmm.... where do i start.??...

- i love the rain and how it pours like crazy giving different effects on people..

- i love to listen to the rain...

- i love a rainy and cold day.. obviously...

- i love movies... XD

- i love pandas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and animals that have black and white fur/ color... but pandas are like everything to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- i love to write! REALLY! Though I'm only good in essays.. i still write stories and stuff..

- i love English.... i read classic literature as well as consumer type fiction... like hunger games and stuff like that...

- i love diving into the feelings of characters in books and stories..

- i love creating stuff.... digital art and handicrafts make me feel relaxed and at ease.....

-and lastly... duh? .of course... though i tend to be exteremely choosy and fickle... i really... like anime!!

been watching since forever..

not knowing when to stop...

probably never...

ADD me as a friend...

don't be a stranger..  XD

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nallyasian says...

woooow, you seem to really like the rain huh? :3

thanks for adding me, it is nice to meeeeet youuuuuuuuuuu. hehe I'm a bit strange so don't mind me.

AWESOME! ANOTHER FILO! whereabouts are you from? I was born in Manila but normally whenever I visit the Phils I stay in Tuguegarao, Cagayan. I'm about to go back there in July actually, it's gonna be sweeeeeeet! XD

Apr 6, 2012
NoirMireille says...

Hello there,

thanks for adding me ^^

Hope to be anime budds with you ^^

Have a nice day,

Noir Mireille

P.S.: Please apologize my bad english skills.

Mar 30, 2012
kayelyn08 says...

aww. a fellow filipino! are you a fluent tagalog speaker? haha. hope to be buddies with you pirate pandagurl

Mar 25, 2012
chikoritaBH says...

Thanks for friending me, panda lover! :D

Mar 25, 2012
ali3n says...

Hiho =)

Thanks for adding me.

U have great avatar ;3

Mar 24, 2012