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Want to know some things about me?Ok

Im  from Philippines!Actually I'm a female :P.You can actually call me Izel its my nick so I probably want it to hear from you! =] haha XD

I started loving anime when I was in 1st Year Highschool!My friends toold me to watch some so I started and It was kinda lot of fun^^Hehe It sure is!

Actually some of my buds are so much addicted to anime than me.That's why I became an anime fan because of them!I Love them so much :3

Pretty much.Not just I became addicted to Anime I also buy an Anime Mag!It is an Otakuzine,Im not buying it in mall actually I just order online at!Cool huh :P .I completed all of the issues!You can say that I really am addict because I really am!haha. For me being an Anime Fan so fun!It really helps me from being not bored :P

Thank you for reading and Visiting my Profile!Hope to chat to you.

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kamika14mizu Apr 23, 2009

Hahahaha!!LOL..Silly^^Oh,so its been a while?What took you so long replying meh?

sothis Apr 12, 2009

happy bday ^_^

kamika14mizu Mar 13, 2009

aHa!..tHanks..Kind much?LOL

kamika14mizu Mar 11, 2009

LOL!You must be!aHa

Oh and yeah thankies for claiming me.But why did you claim me?

kamika14mizu Mar 11, 2009

Oh!I see..Well too bad but I think you still can^_^

So how's life?