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The Story

The story itself is very simple, but interesting. In a post-apocalyptic world exist vampires, ghouls , ghosts, daemons and similar things. And that also means that there are people (or half vampires) like D, the protagonist, who hunts them. Since the human hunters are very good at what they do, supernatural beings are almost extinct.  The story starts when a young girl is kidnapped by a vampire and D is asked by the girl’s father to bring her back alive if she is a human or her head if she has become a vampire. He sets of to find her and he meets group of hunters who are on the same job.

The Animation

When I rate animation I don’t care much about how flashy the animation is, but instead the style of the show as well as character and world design (some anime, like Angel Beats, are praised for their animation but their style is generic so my reaction involves the word meh). By far the best part of this anime is its style. The world is a mix of Wild West, post-apocalyptic and Warhammer 40000, meaning huge, epic gothic buildings. The character design was one of the most memorable I’ve seen so far; it has big men with huge hammers and painted crosses on their faces, D, who wields a huge sword, wears a HAT (one does not simply hunt vampires without a hat I say) and a black trench coat, blonds in red latex, elegant and deadly female vampires and tons of other stuff that I loved.  And of course the animation itself looks very good considering how old it is.

The Sound

Just like the animation, the sound was superb. From the voice acting to the music everything was great. The soundtrack is made of classical pieces (thank God, J-Rock/Pop would have ruined the mood) including organ pieces, the best instrument they could have picked (it was obvious but I’ve seen worse) .

The Characters

D: D, the main protagonist is a silent one, he doesn’t speak if it’s unnecessary, doesn’t try to throw badass lines around. He is kind of a moral character, who unlike other hunters does not enjoy killing monsters.

Meier Link: The main antagonist who D has to hunt down. At the start of the movie he kidnaps Charlotte, who he allegedly loves. He is later on shown as a tragic character, one of the last of his kind, deprived of sunlight and happiness.

Leila: One of the hunters D meets at the beginning of the movie. She is new to the job, that means not very good at it. As a character she is important at the end of the story, used for throwing is a small amount of philosophy about happiness, life and death.

Minor characters: They are well made, interesting and most of all violent! This wouldn’t be an action move without it. Nowadays minor characters aren’t nearly as interesting as the ones here so watching this was somehow refreshing.

The Conclusion  

When summed up this move is well worth your time. It throws you is a simple, but interesting world with great action and general feel. If you are sick of teenage clueless male leads (I am looking at you Guilty Crown and Sword Art Online) and want something good for a change I would highly recommend you check Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust out.

7/10 story
9.9/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
7.8/10 overall
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