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The Story

The story is is it's basis very simple; it is devided in arcs where you watch characters die in various ways (the shock effect in this anime is ok, nothing too explicit if you ask me but than again nothing is disturbing for me). The Hinamizawa village is a small place in the middle of nowhere and in it moves Keichii, a 13 year old boy who meets a lot of girls and plays with them and does cross-dressing, normal things boy do at his age. But obviously no loli with an axe is a safe loli. And then shit gets serious as he gets cursed by something called Oyashiro-sama’s curse n’ stuff and gets paranoid. Some arcs are downright brilliant and some feel unfinished and have a lot of potential that could have been explored (and also the manga was better, had that little bit of extra content the anime was missing)

The Animation

Well it is not very good; nothing looks very good except some crazy faces made by some crazy-ass lolis. The colors are pale and bleak; the animation should have used more vivid colors. Also the blood should have been more intense, something like what we have seen in Kara No Kyoukai and Elfen Lied. The backgrounds could have been spectacular but they weren’t given enough attention.

The Sound

Unlike the animation the sound was almost perfect. The opening theme was spot on creepy, psychedelic and I found myself singing it very often (hare, hare, hare, iiiiiiii….). The sound of the higurashi (some kind of satanic Japanese crickets) was thrown in to set the creepy mood. The voice acting was very good; the characters were very lively and later on crazy.

The Characters

One thing this anime is famous for are the characters. Like any other anime with killer lolis people will watch it if only for that. But unlike Mirai Nikki these characters got actual development that made sense. The characters change their personalities a bit through the arcs which made every arc fresh. The most interesting characters are Mion and Rika. Rika is a little girl whose story will surprise you (I think).  Some more development on why some characters go crazy in particular arcs could have been much better but aren’t too terrible the way they are now.

The Conclusion

When summed up Higurashi (something-something) is an anime worth your time. Also I was pleased by the fact that it wasn’t made by a pedophile because usually anime involving eight year olds are…. So no Rika/Satoko fanservice for you crazy lolicons! J

6/10 story
4/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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