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I had my hopes up, I was hoping 2013 would bring a few interesting anime. One of the anime I really wanted to see and enjoy was Ghost in the Shell: Arise, as it turns out a prequel to the first move, one of the most important and artistic cinematographic works ever made. But as soon as I started watching crap just started piling up. First things first, the animation, a huge element of the first movie that had a lot of beautiful imaginative work combined with fitting gritty hand drawn animation and magnificent visual exposition that in just a few minutes showed us how the world looked and how it was run. In Arise we get shiny animation, clean streets and a lot of sunshine. We get no visual exposition of the world, heck even the cyberpunk feel was left out. I mean remember those scenes where Major's body was being created and torn apart, where you could see all kinds of wires, occasional cyberbrain and cool types of futuristic weapons? Here we get 4 holes on her neck and a lot of normal handguns. Sometimes we get 3 second scenes of internet diving. Of course I may have had high expectations. But the thing that I simply can't let go is the random fanservice. First enemy they fight is a loli with fancy doll clothes. What the fuck? What the fuck? Rosen Maiden lolis in GITS? Furthermore Major's superior is a milf with huge boobs and no brah. I mean she looks like she was designed for a fucking hentai, not a (supposed to be) serious cyberpunk! A note to the creators. If I wanted characters that dress like they came from a hentai I would watch a hentai or anything by J. C. Staff. And like cherry on a cake Major now looks like a 15 year old with oversized boobs that change size due to slappy animation. Oh and by the way the villains look like they came from Naruto.
The sound was't a hit either really. The voices chosen for the characters seem like they were being picked for JoJo. I mean why does Bantou sound like a random brute and not like a really well made war veteran? Backgound music was almost non existend and city sounds were left out.
Now come the characters. Remember the philosophical dillemas they had about human existance outside a biological body? Remember moral dillemas about brain hacking? Well you are not going to see them here, they were (like everything else that made GITS good) left out. They also fight on every occasion, no reason, just start fighting and a minute later they say: "Lol, we are actually on the same side". No development or attention is given to their personalities, they feel blank and the whole thing is plot driven with characters having little influence on the overall story.
Now that we came to the story, Major is chasing a misterious murderer (wait what didn't we already have that?) that killed one of her friends. The clues are find just like that, the search was basically left out, they get a random lead we know shit about and they follow it. Than things go boom. There is nothing in it to keep you interested. Another letdown given to us by the anime industry.

4/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
4/10 characters
4.5/10 overall

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Minai99 Feb 26, 2014

Yeah it has been a real let down so far. Hard to imagine that such a piece of crap could be associated with ghost in the shell. And even sadder to think that Maaya Sakamoto, who voices one of my favorite characters, Shiki, is also associated with it. :(

Tierouy Aug 25, 2013

I did not have high expectations for this but I still give a chance due to my love for the film and I agree with you as well. It was simply terrible and I'm not sure if I will watch the second episode or not. 

hyperactve Jul 19, 2013

Wholeheartedly agree...."First enemy they fight is a loli with fancy doll clothes. What the fuck? What the fuck? Rosen Maiden lolis in GITS? Furthermore Major's superior is a milf with huge boobs and no brah."And this is the thing that pissed me in this movie. It's not like GitS didn't have nudity and fan service... It's just that GitS was not this stupid....I have not decided whether to drop it or not... But, it's so stupid... T_T