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Fist of the North Star

Mar 26, 2013

In a cruel post-apocalyptic world only the strongest can survive. And the strongest one is Kenshiro. The one who can stand up and fight the darkness. Okay, enough with the dramatisation. The story is basically what we can call moe with a small twist, instead of kawai girls we get a huge number of giant men with temper issues. And as the kawai girls play in a band and drink tea, the men in Fist of the North Star cut other people in half or if they are feeling sadistic make their heads go boom. And therefor we get a farely predictable plot (that actually does pick up pace somewhere around the middle, but looses pace in the final part of the show) in which Kenshiro, the protagonist, visits a village, its residents get sloughterd by gangs and Kenshiro says Grr! and procedes to kill everyone in the gang. On his violent travels he meets all kinds of people, from two annoying kids who follow him around to awesome badass dudes. Not much to it, but for a fighting shounen that's almost 30 years old it's actually pretty good, as bad as it is it still beats most of todays shows.

As for the animation it's bad, a large chunk of it is constantly recycled and yadayada. But there is something in it that makes this show very enjoyable, it's shounen feel with a lot of homoeroticism (for similar things see JoJo's Bizzare adventures) and manly tears. Well that was the reason I was watching it for anyway...

The sound... It's by far the best part of the show. When you hear the opening you will feel a sudden rush of the eighties in your veins. Background music as well as the voice acting was good for it's time, the voices match the characters perfectly and... ATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATA!!!!!!!!11

Well the characters were a colourful mix of interesting characters with good backstories and motives, who care only about their goal and ones who are pure and want to stop them for one reason or another. Aaaaand Lin and Bart who totaly ruin the show in this department. While there a reason to keep them in the plot (as the things Kenshiro wants to protect) they are given way too much time with their annoying fights and things they do. They clog up the pace and ruin the mood, their comic relief moments aren't comical at all.

All in all this is a great show for casual watching and having fun in watching people get killed in a big veriety of ways. But if you are looking for something that can be called good and intellegent you are better off finding something else.

5/10 story
6/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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