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Hi guys, welcome on my profile! Hope you all like it ツ


I'm Rianneke aka PinkiePie, I'm from the Netherlands, 23 years old and as most of you here, I ❤ Anime. I started watching a few weeks ago. Did watch some before, but it wasn't really a hobby of me back then, although I did always love the Studio Ghibli movies, yet series weren't really in the picture. But now you can call it a addiction! First Anime serie I saw was Elfen Lied, an amazing serie that really got me hooked in no time. After that I began to explore my ways into this 'Anime world' and I love it!


I'm also a huge movie, (Disney) buff. I have a pretty big dvd collection in my room, and have my own account at MovieMeter were I rate all movies I watch & also wright some reviews now and then. Favorite movie = The Notebook (yeah I'm such a girly girl) but I also like fantasy (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Avatar) and horror such as the all time classic Halloween!


So yeah that's all you need 2 know for now, if you want to know more, just ask I don't bite (very hard) ^_^


Ps: you can also find me on Twitter @ _Duimelijntje_


Much love ❥ x


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iwarhero Aug 11, 2012

2011?! I hadn't spoken to you since 2011? I must change this! Also early congratz on your 1 year badge in 3 days =3

iwarhero Aug 15, 2011

Thanks! Kemonomimis are so cuuuute so I couldn't help but put them on mah page...

I always draw them too. =3

Kojutsu Aug 15, 2011

Ty for friend request :3

Daedra Aug 15, 2011

I see you have Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica on your want to watch list. It happens to be my current fav. If you don't mind the ecchi content I'd also recommend watching  Kore wa Zombie desu ka? .

Daedra Aug 14, 2011

Thanks :) I like your avatar too.