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Thanks for stopping by my profile.

Katrina here. . . well mostly most days ;) A little about me. . .

I live in sunny California with my husband and my cats. I love shoes, Asian Kung Fu Generation ( well music in general but they are my fav), Making stuff with my own hands and of course anime! I am a HUGE Ghibli/Miyazaki fan! I'm digging some of the stuff that Shaft is putting out as well as Madhouse and hold a very special place in my heart for the following animes:

Ouran High School Host Club

12 Kingdoms

Spirited Away

Honey and Clover

Samurai Champloo

Wagnaria!! (Working!!)


Arakawa Under the Bridge

Saiunkoku Monagatari


Attach on Titan


My Neighbor Totoro

My Bride is a Mermaid

Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei

My first anime I watched purely by accident.

I had asked my dad if he could give me my VHS (dates me I know) of Jem and the Holograms only to put the tape in a find that he had taped over my "Twilight in Paris" episode with Akira.

My emotions went from anger over my lost recording to: down right confusion on the plot of the story, enthrallment at the animation style that I had never seem before, and then at the end a sense of wonder (still laced with a heavy dose of wth did I just watch though).

That was when my horizons grew a bit, the year was 1992 and I was 10 years old. I watched that movie again and I still have the same feeling I did the first time. . .

WTH did I just watch?!?!

I can't really say I know everything about everything when it comes to anime. . . but I consider myself far from a newb! Thanks again for stopping by and reading. . . I would love to hear your suggestions I am always open to them! :)

My Rating Scale for Anime and Manga:

1-2 (Written Review) or 0 to 1.5 Stars (Rated not Reviewed):

Utter and complete garbage that is lacking in ALL major areas i.e.; plot structure, creativity and uniqueness of story line, character development, theme, animation or musicality. An UN-WATCHABLE or UN-READABLE anger inducing time-suck! Beware!

3-5 (Written Review) or 2 Stars (Rated not Reviewed):

Semi-watchable. Will leave you very unsatisfied and more than likely angry. Missing at least four of the six major elements. You will probably leave this unfinished.

6-7 (Written Review) or 2.5 to 3 Stars (Rated not Reviewed):

Decent yet forgettable. Lacking in at least three of the six areas, but, not terrible enough to not watch all the way through. Generally starts off well and ends unsatisfactorily.

8 (Written Review) or 3.5 Stars (Rated not Reviewed) :

Very well done. Has almost all of the right elements. Lacking in one to two of the six major areas. Worth watching and purchasing for your collection.

9 (Written Review) or 4 to 4.5 Stars (Rated not Reviewed):

Nearly perfect. A must have for your collection. Missing perfection generally by only one element (plot).

10 (Written Review) or 5 Stars (Rated not Reviewed):

Perfection. Not missing a single element. If you don't own this a piece of your heart will die. Does not EVER get old. Reaches beyond expectations. A classic. Wins over the hearts of non-enthusiast. Leaves you craving for more.

Kyoya Ootori

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goodycandy741 says...

Well, I finished watching Comedy but I didn't really get it... XP It was still pretty good though! I haven't watched Ouran High School Host Club but I plan to watch it at some point either this or next month...

I didn't read the manga for Fruits Basket, but my cousin said that it stuck to the plot pretty well! Should I still read it? (I know it didn't end the way it did in the anime, but I'm not allowed to buy any more books/mangas for a while... I already bought like, 20 this month... XP)

BTW: How's SZS? Is it good? SHould I watch it?

Apr 19, 2011
goodycandy741 says...

Thnx for responding~

I <3 <3 <3 Clannad and After Story! They're like my favorites!!!! And yes, I did cry a lot while I was watching it!!! X) I ABSOLUTELY LUV IT!!!

How's Tatami Galaxy? Any good??

I plan to watch Comedy today! =)

Apr 18, 2011