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Ouran High School Host Club

18 APR

This show helped me through one of the darkest times of my life. . .

I know, I know . . . Dramatic much?


Without getting into all of the details, life in general was sucking in massive proportions. It really was to the point where I no longer felt the energy or need to do basic things. . . Soooo laughing and general merriment was completely and utterly out of the question.  However, to try and silence the running commentary going on in my head, I would sometimes put something on (TV, radio, CD). Generally, I would lose interest after a few minutes and go back to Gloom Town Pop. 1 . . .

By sheer luck one day I put on this show and something changed for me.

I laughed till my stomach hurt.

If I could give this show 1000/10 I would because I love everything about this show; each character with their own distinct contributions to the "club", that it is rife with frivolous silliness, yet underneath there is maturity and depth and each and every scenario where we are able to peel a layer off of a character getting to know who they really are.

I think it may be virtually impossible to not smile while watching this show, unless, per se. . . you are a lifeless robot. Then I shall not fault you.

This show is geared towards women/girls. . . However my husband secretly laughs at the jokes while saying they are girly, so I think men would like it as well. It does deal with some more mature-ish themes so I would say this may not be for young children.

I really, really wish they would give me a season 2!!!!

Maybe they will if we all collectively give them the puppy eyes!

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