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Trinity Blood

Apr 18, 2011


This Show Made Me So Angry

Why? Because it brought back a feeling. . .

Do you remember dressing up for Halloween as a kid?

You: Giddy with excitement to trick or treat at the house down the street with awesome decorations because you just KNOW they are going to give out the best candy.

BUT. . .

When you get there, you, with your little hands stretched out, your heart bursting with joy. . .

are handed an inedible pair of wax lips instead of a lollipop.

Trinity Blood is the wax lips of my anime collection.

It had the potential to be truly great and nose dived into epic failure at the very end. I would not be so angry if it sucked from the very beginning then I could have done something else with my time like won a Nobel prize, solved a murder mystery. . . (watched something else!)

The artwork is well thought out. The premise had all of the right elements: a super vampire who drinks the blood of other vampires, who just so happens to have gorgeous bishounen features and black wings. . .

Did I mention he is fighting for the  good guys and saving babies holding puppies?

From the storyline to the background music, you are wrapped in and taken on a journey until you get to the final episodes. . .

And that ladies and gentlemen is where I feel that everyone from director Tomohiro Hirata to GONZO lets us fans down. I do understand how problematic the death of the Manga creator must have been for everyone on staff but, that still does not excuse poor workmanship. They took something they should have finished in tribute and turned it into (IMO) one of the worst anime endings I have ever seen, a sub par product not worthy of being associated with the original creators work. What a shame. . . wax lips


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bijanabrahim May 18, 2011

too be fair the original creater of trinity blood died before completing the story and to respect the author's work they didn't know how to end it nicely.