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RDG: Red Data Girl

Jun 23, 2013

This anime had more holes in it than swiss cheese on top of a donut. I really wanted to like this anime, but, the entire thing, save for the animation itself fell incredibly short.


I have four words to sum up the plot. All Over The Place. . .

I kept thinking I was missing an episode for some reason and "Why is this happening? and "I don't get why this (insert object, person, episode) is relevent?!!?"

All of the of the plot lines never quite connected. I feel like this could have been resolved by there being at least 20 episodes instead of 12.


The one thing that kept me watching was the overall quality of the animation. It was quite good. I kept hoping that the storyline would match up with the quality of the animation but sadly it never did.


Not really noteworthy. There wasn't enough effort put into developing them. I did not feel very strongly about a single charachter.


Average overall. The intro and outro songs were nice which is why I gave it a 7 instead of a 5.


I feel that this show was pretty much a waste of my time. It had a lot of potential and in the right hands could have been a really amazing anime. So many things were left unexplained. . .

3/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
4/10 characters
5.5/10 overall

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penkaur Nov 29, 2013

I agree this show had great potential, it reminded me of Hiiro no kakera (which is also scandalously bad in the 1st series). I absolutely liked the opening music and expected to see the same images in the series eventually, but it feels like this anime was cut off (lack of budget?).

The characters did start developing: somehow they learnt more about themselves and about their comrades, not everyone is black or white. At the end there was a commitment between boy and girl, but alas! The story was not finished.