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Thanks for stopping by my profile.

Katrina here. . . well mostly most days ;) A little about me. . .

I live in sunny California with my dog and cats. I love shoes, Asian Kung Fu Generation ( well music in general but they are my fav), Making stuff with my own hands and of course anime! I am a HUGE Ghibli/Miyazaki fan! I'm digging some of the stuff that Shaft is putting out as well as Madhouse and hold a very special place in my heart for the following animes:

Ouran High School Host Club

12 Kingdoms

Kamisama Hajimemashita

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

Spirited Away

Honey and Clover

Samurai Champloo

Wagnaria!! (Working!!)


Arakawa Under the Bridge

Saiunkoku Monagatari


Attach on Titan


My Neighbor Totoro

My Bride is a Mermaid

Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei

My first anime I watched purely by accident.

I had asked my dad if he could give me my VHS (dates me I know) of Jem and the Holograms only to put the tape in a find that he had taped over my "Twilight in Paris" episode with Akira.

My emotions went from anger over my lost recording to: down right confusion on the plot of the story, enthrallment at the animation style that I had never seem before, and then at the end a sense of wonder (still laced with a heavy dose of wth did I just watch though).

That was when my horizons grew a bit, the year was 1992 and I was 10 years old. I watched that movie again and I still have the same feeling I did the first time. . .

WTH did I just watch?!?!

I can't really say I know everything about everything when it comes to anime. . . but I consider myself far from a newb! Thanks again for stopping by and reading. . . I would love to hear your suggestions I am always open to them! :)

My Rating Scale for Anime and Manga:

1-2 (Written Review) or 0 to 1.5 Stars (Rated not Reviewed):

Utter and complete garbage that is lacking in ALL major areas i.e.; plot structure, creativity and uniqueness of story line, character development, theme, animation or musicality. An UN-WATCHABLE or UN-READABLE anger inducing time-suck! Beware!

3-5 (Written Review) or 2 Stars (Rated not Reviewed):

Semi-watchable. Will leave you very unsatisfied and more than likely angry. Missing at least four of the six major elements. You will probably leave this unfinished.

6-7 (Written Review) or 2.5 to 3 Stars (Rated not Reviewed):

Decent yet forgettable. Lacking in at least three of the six areas, but, not terrible enough to not watch all the way through. Generally starts off well and ends unsatisfactorily.

8 (Written Review) or 3.5 Stars (Rated not Reviewed) :

Very well done. Has almost all of the right elements. Lacking in one to two of the six major areas. Worth watching and purchasing for your collection.

9 (Written Review) or 4 to 4.5 Stars (Rated not Reviewed):

Nearly perfect. A must have for your collection. Missing perfection generally by only one element (plot).

10 (Written Review) or 5 Stars (Rated not Reviewed):

Perfection. Not missing a single element. If you don't own this a piece of your heart will die. Does not EVER get old. Reaches beyond expectations. A classic. Wins over the hearts of non-enthusiast. Leaves you craving for more.

Kyoya Ootori

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goodycandy741 Nov 1, 2011

What's up? =D Things have been going pretty well since the move. Thanks for asking! ^-^ My life right now is pretty okay except that I barely have time for anime cuz my teacher is the hardest grader and gives the most homework out of all the teachers in my school... -.-' Just my luck, huh?

Man, I'm just following a bunch of manga and anime at the moment. Finally feeling like a true anime fan!~ XP I tried the first episode of K-On and it was really cute but didn't really catch my interest... -.-' But it's my kind of thing to give an anime at least 3 episodes before I even consider dropping it. =) Durarara! MAN! I've wanted to see this anime so many times but what's it even about?? Just this guy chasing another guy? I've heard of Working! I and plan on watching it soon! =D Especially since you recommended it to me. ^_^

(Do i write too much? Cuz i feel like I'm always rambling on about stuff... >_>) How's life over at... right behind me?

goodycandy741 Aug 18, 2011

Oooh.... Its K-On huh? I've been planning on watching that anime for a while... =3= Never got around to it. XP =D What'd u think about it?

Life's good. =W= But Im moving right now so it's a real pain. AND schools starting soon so the stress is piling up. >.< Lulz Animes and japanese music r my only cures for boredom ( and stress ^^)!! How's life?

goodycandy741 Aug 13, 2011

I've been wondering for a while, what anime is your avatar from? =3

goodycandy741 Jul 27, 2011

Hey! =D Its been a while! ^^ I AM EXTREMELY sorry for not getting around to watching Kuragehime even though i promised! >.< I'll watch it some time soon! Yay! Ur watching Tsubasa Chronicles! XD Its goooooooood... But it wasn't good enough to make it to my top ten. ^^ Never heard of Nura Rise if the Yokai Clan but I'll check it out later. Oh yeah, xxxholic. I think i dropped that one but since u liked it, imma give it another try! =) We have similar tastes doncha think? ^_- IDK if i recommended this to u already but Kuroshitsuji was just AWESOME for me. ^^ Made it to # 2 on my list as u can see.

OH YEAH! Have you seen Tokyo Magnitude 8.0??? THAT WAS JUST AMAZING! I shed the equal amount of tears in BOTH seasons of Clannad at the finale! T^T IT WAS SOOOO GOOD! A must watch! ^_^ And NP about the GOTFF comment! =D Make sure u tell me if u watch the live action! ^^

bijanabrahim May 19, 2011

thanks for your response