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Welcome To My Profile!!!!

(thanks to "kuroBladez" for the amazing banner ;D)


hey, i'm "Pink0taku" i'm french but i currently live in florida and i love animes, especialy romance/action anime ^^. if you know any please let me know. i came here to meet other otakus so if you want to talk to me just leave a message on my profile :D.

Character i feel related to:

Tsukasa (Lucky star) ---------------------------->

top 5 animes :

sword art online

naruto shippuden

fairy tail

No Game No Life


Sword art online


top 10 male characters:

Natsu Dragneel (fairy tail)

Itachi Uchiwa (naruto)

Minato Namikaze (naruto)

Akise Aru (mirai nikki)

 L (deathnote)

 byakuya kuchiki (bleach)

 sora (no game no life)

 Yato (noragami)

 Portgas D. Ace (one piece)

 Luxus Drear (Fairy tail)

Natsu X Lucy


top 10 female characters:

Erza Scarlet (fairy tail)

Shiro (no game no life)

Kofuku Ebisu (noragami)

yuki asuna (sword art online)

Wendy (Fairy tail)

Uryuu minene (mirai nikki)

tohka yatogami (date a live)

mikasa ackerman (attack on titan)

Black Rock Shooter (Black Rock Shooter)

 yuki nagato (the melancholy of harui suzummiya)


Erza X Jellal


as you can probably probably tell i LOVE pink/purple haired characters ! :3


latest anime watched: Higurashi no naku koro ni/Higurashi no naku koro ni kai


Life on anime

  • 28 Minutes
  • 2 Hours
  • 0 Days
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  • 1 Months
  • 0 Years

Anime ratings

  • 5
  • 4.5
  • 4
  • 3.5
  • 3
  • 2.5
  • 2
  • 1.5
  • 1
  • 0.5

30 total

Life on manga

  • 30 Minutes
  • 21 Hours
  • 2 Days
  • 0 Weeks
  • 0 Months
  • 0 Years

What?! No manga ratings?

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LetsGetCherryPie Feb 24, 2017

How could I forget about you?! I was so worried T^T I actually stopped using skype a while ago and I can't remember my password >.< Is there anything else you use? I really wanna hear how you've been!

LetsGetCherryPie Jan 17, 2016

Ah, Bela-chi, it's been over a year. Where, oh, where did you go?

wicketman2 Dec 9, 2015

Haven't talke to U in over a year T.T 

im finally gold :D

LetsGetCherryPie Jan 11, 2015

If bugging you on Skype won't work, I'll start annoying you here! that'll show you!

*evil laugh*




wicketman2 Dec 16, 2014

I'm still in silver 5 T.T 

im hoping this next season will be the one for me >:D 

mom learning how to play fiddles .3. he's fun hehe