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True Tears



I must admit that it took me a couple of episodes to really get the plot, and to learn who the characters were and what role they served. But when I caught on, I was totally sucked into the story, and cared for the progression of the plot. It's a beautiful, emotional, and very philosophic love story, but I have come to expect no less from the japanese at this point. The series may be way shorter than the shounen stuff I'm used to, but it proves that you don't need an overdose of episodes to tell a heartwarming story.
The reasons it only scores a 9 with me, is because of two things: 1. after it is revealed that Hiromi is really not Shinichiro's sister afterall, it is not really made clear WHAT connection she has to the family. 2. With Noe being my favorite character, I really wanted Shinichiro to ultimately end up with her, instead of Hiromi. I do understand why he ultimately chose Hiromi, but I still would have liked to see those two together, and that's just how I feel.


Normally this is just a "yes or no" question to me. But I will say that the animation and the colours used, are absolutely beautiful! The animators have perfectly nailed the details, and most importantly in a romance like this one: the facial expressions - you really feel with the characters every step of the way!


The background music fits perfectly with the envionment and the situations, and it feels so powerful when just a faint tone of music kicks in after a silent moment. There are few vocal tracks playing throughout the series, since it doesn't even have traditional openings and endings, but the few there are, are absolutely beautiful.


I'll say right now that I loved every single one of the characters... maybe with the exception of the mom through the first half of the series. All the characters are lovable, because of their great personalities. Sure you may not always agree with some of their actions, but you always sympathize with them, and understand why they did as they did. Whether it is the silent and shy Hiromi, the awkward Shinichiro and his crazy childhood friend Miyokichi, or the always cool Jun and his younger sister Noe - who is admittedly my favorite character, maybe because she's actually really cute when you get used to her weird nature. And I actually felt more connected to her, than any of the other characters, and wanted the story to turn out in her favor.


Overall I thought it was a fantastic anime, and I'm glad I saw it from beginning to end. It had a great story, great music to accompany it, lovable characters, and downright beautiful animation. I can most definetly recommend this anime to anyone who likes a good and emotional love story, so please give this masterpiece a chance! :-)

This was my review of True Tears and I hope you liked it :-)

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overall score: 10/10

True Tears user review by PikaLink91

True Tears

overall score: 9/10

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User Review Scores

  • Story 9/10
  • Animation 10/10
  • Sound 10/10
  • Characters 10/10
  • Overall 9/10

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