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I'm just another teenaged boy who watches anime on a daily basis. I started watching anime when I was around 7 on toonami (Which just got revived not too long ago!). I usually watch any kind of anime, but my preference is probably tilted towards comedy rather than drama. If you have any recommendations, feel free to leave a comment. My one unique trait is that I can put both legs behind my back, while walking on my hands. Although this is may sound like an awesome trait, my feet are now crooked, causing me to walk like a penguin. Anyway, thats pretty much me in a nutshell. If you need me, i'll be sitting on my couch drinking root beer till I pass out...

Random events in my life:

2000- Cracked my skull open which resulted in blood loss, a trip to the hospital, and a now blurry memory of my childhood.

2003- Started watching anime such as Dragonball, Rurouni Kenshin, and Gundam Wing.

2007- Successfully petted a cat without getting my eyes clawed out.

5/25/11- Finally drank a whole gallon of milk without passing out! (I would advice against doing this)

April, 2012- Made the best commercial with my classmates ever!!!


Some of my favorite animes

Welcome to the NHK!


Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

School Rumble- Harima is my freaking hero :o 

Arakawa Under the Bridge

Usagi Drop

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

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SadisticTendencies Sep 13, 2011

Oh, how lucky of you to have known him. If you ever see him, tell him "giapi nikedicheti pepo pepo honeha". He'll know what it means :)

SadisticTendencies Sep 12, 2011

You claim so, but I don't believe you. The only one on the moon, is Desmond the moon bear! You're a liar, aren't you? Admit it! You don't live in a cardboard box on the moon, you just live in a cardboard box on earth!

SadisticTendencies Sep 6, 2011


A potato


From the seriously twisted depths of your mind?


Time for me to have a question for you! How many hidden cameras have I placed in your room? Bonus points if you also find the audio-recording equipment, and the bomb before it explodes.

SadisticTendencies Sep 1, 2011

Well it depends, if you're referring to the cheesecake we eat, then I'd say cake, but if you're referring to the cheesecake from Greek mythology with 2 heads, a beak, and seven tails, then I don't really know what to answer. One thing is for sure though, the purple hamster flies over the skies with eternal vigilance in pursuit of the happyness he once lost... may him find salvation.

SadisticTendencies Aug 31, 2011

Why  of course! It was a most beautiful evening during the late 90's when I sat peacefully on my porch. Suddenly, a strange vehicle approached my property and as it got closer I could vaguely see an ice cream logo and a panda that probably drove the truck. I gleefully shouted "why hello there, Mr. Panda" but he kept focusing on the road in front of him exclaiming "merde" over and over again.

That's what led me to found this religion:



But I'm pretty curious:

1. Why did you ask?

2. How did you know?