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Story - Pretty much none. True, one ought not expect too much from an episodic series, but this is seriously weak stuff. Every story arc is basically a rehash of tired shoujo material with very little originality. There is nothing engaging or compelling about the plotlines at all.

The only possible saving graces are the couple of episodes which delve into the backstories of the lead characters, but those were not well done either. Overall, the series seems to be expecting to ride on the predicted popularity of its characters, and thus not much effort was put into the stories.


Animation - J.C. Staff remains guilty of too-similar character designs, although I wouldn't really blame them for it given how popular they have been. Otherwise, there is little to fault or merit in this section.


Sound - The OP is catchy and nice, but nothing impressive. The OST is fairly good as well. The voice-acting is possibly the best aspect of this anime, with all the roles well cast and excellently portrayed.


Characters - A fatal mistake was made here. When a large cast is introduced and employed, the studio should always take great care that the cast is an ensemble one, that is to say, each character is given adequate time in the limelight to develop and grow into their roles. J.C. Staff failed spectacularly on this count.

That is a great pity, given that the individual characters have healthy variety and great potential for development. In my opinion, too much attention was paid to the titular character and her romantic interest at too much expense to the rest of the fascinating cast. As a result, much of the regular supporting cast ends up feeling like fringe extras, or at times even redundant, and their inclusions forced.

The studio really messed up here. The titular character was fairly well-explored overall, but there was not enough creative energy to go round for the others. It was as though they expected the anime to hit popularity purely on the shoulders of one protagonist. Or it could be that the entire anime was simply a vehicle for catapulting the titular protagonist to stardom. Pity.

4/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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