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Jan 23, 2011

Content Unrelated (Possibly) - This production was recommended to me by a guy friend whom I suppose just coincidentally also happens to have three elder sisters. Of course. Nothing Freudian about this at all. Nope.

Story - None whatsoever. That's why I couldn't give it a high score. But that was, in my opinion, an excellent creative decision by the studio.

Here's how I envision the creative process went.

Studio Boss: MINION!

Studio Minion: Yes Boss!

Studio Boss: Take this stock cast.

Studio Minion: Yes Boss!

Studio Boss: Take this setting my mistress came up with last night.

Studio Minion: Yes Boss!

Studio Boss: Come up with a series of random funny gags and we'll use it to fill up airtime next season.

Studio Minion: Yes Boss!

Studio Boss: Now crawl out of here on all fours.

Studio Minion: Yes Boss!

I can't say for everyone, but I'm sick of romance stories with their typical lengthy courtships and tsun-tsun and triangles and stuff. But this, an unabashed run of random gags with only vague relation to each other, I can take. Especially when the gags are actually pretty damn good. I wouldn't try to criticise this for being meaningless (it is); it'll be like holding a standup comedy to an inauguration speech and slamming the former for lack of content.

That's all that is to it actually, up till Episode 10 at least. Then it makes an ill-advised leap into shoujo-romance territory and becomes not-so-comedic any more. In fact, if you ask me, the only good thing to come out of the last three episodes was the introduction of the self-proclaimed 'normal' Maya. Pity they didn't bring her out sooner, she could had been an excellent foil personality.

Animation - Nothing to shout about, good or bad.

Sound - By far the worst thing about this series. Bland, boring, utterly forgettable. Also the weakest creative link in the whole production. On more than one occasion I find myself wishing that I could just turn off the soundtrack in the background and listen to just the dialogue.

Of course, this is coming from a Bee Train fan, and one can't be a true Bee Train fan without looking down the nose at everyone else's OSTs right?

Voice acting is satisfactory without being particularly excellent or anything. Salvaged some points here.

Characters - A varied and engaging cast, but a stock one all the same. Nothing fresh or new or groundbreaking or unique. It's like someone just tossed together a bunch of contemporary popular characters tropes and made it fit.

Not that it's a bad thing, really. Code Geass did the same after all, with the inclusion of a Magnificent Bastard or two (or a hundred or a million or Zero). Black Lagoon also.

And like Black Lagoon, Working!! doesn't break any new ground character-wise. What it did do however was play the characters in their roles excellently. How should I put it? Let's just say the studio basically redid old material with old ideas, but did it well. Very well. Although sometimes it does seem that the cast was being introduced solely for the purpose of facilitating the gags. I guess that's what comes of adapting from a four-panel comic.

Also, am I the only person to think that Satou is a dead-on dopplerganger for Sister from Arakawa Under The Bridge? Sans the scar and pistol of course. I can't help but keep imagining the signature blood spurt spouting out of Satou's face every time his crush gets up to her yuri antics in front of him.

5.5/10 story
6/10 animation
2.5/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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