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Hey I have been watching anime ever since pokemon, and i also have a pretty sick custom-built PC. Evangelion is undoubtably the best anime ever made, and i'll watch pretty much any anime or genre as long as it's good, so if anyone has seen any particularly good anime, let me know! I also memorized 50 digits of Pi thus the name. also its a referance to The World Ends With You, a japanese anime-based game for the DS.

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Hisagi90 says...

well, series like Noir, cowboy bebop and such I watched back then when they was aired in TV and if I didnt liked them then I didnt finished watching them.

Haruhi is just so mainstream and doesnt take my interest. so for now I dont want to watch it. Evangelion is a genre I just cant stand, so its a high possibility that I wont watch it xD

Dec 30, 2009
Hisagi90 says...

like which?

besides mainstream is boring :P

Nov 24, 2009
Zim says...

no you yo your self

Sep 6, 2009
Zim says...


Sep 4, 2009