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I'm Philip...<insert five paragraphs of useless information here>

Anime is the only thing that prevents me from going on homicidal rampages:)

You should be my friend! Especially if the sight of people being mutilated beyond recognition gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.


On a more serious-and much saner-note, I love stuff that scares the hell out of me. My favorite anime type is harem, but only when mixed with ample doses of "What the hell just happened?!". I write poetry constantly, and so I love any show with deep, poetic plots or endings (i.e. the clock in Elfen Lied).

My first experiences with anime was Dragon Ball Z. My brother and I literally watched EVERY episode! The endless hours I spent on that series are the only good memories I have of my brother.

I love anime, though I only recently started actively watching it. I'm not quite as hardcore as many of the people on sites like these, but I have a deep, unrelenting desire to move to Japan. That's really my only goal in life.

My best friend is a guy named Ethan (Silinau on my friend list (or the tall guy sitting next to me)). Together we have redefined the word "obsessive" when it comes to anime.

So...that's who I am.



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Minai99 says...

Good for you Philip. Mind telling me where you got into? (It's okay if you don't want to)

Mar 2, 2011
Nayume816 says...

niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice <33  Happy early b-day ^^ Woot!! grat on scholarship :3 awww I know how u feel about that :/ I m good just woke up from nap 30 min ago which I intented to wake up around 7 but my alarm didnt wake me up thx god I woke up least 9... I need to do hw so :/

Mar 2, 2011
Nayume816 says...

u did?? cool!! lol anywayz how are u:3

Mar 1, 2011
Minai99 says...

So have you already made it into some schools?

Also, have you by chance seen Winter Sonata?

Mar 1, 2011
Nayume816 says...

>.< waaaaaa lol

Feb 28, 2011