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I'm Philip...<insert five paragraphs of useless information here>

Anime is the only thing that prevents me from going on homicidal rampages:)

You should be my friend! Especially if the sight of people being mutilated beyond recognition gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.


On a more serious-and much saner-note, I love stuff that scares the hell out of me. My favorite anime type is harem, but only when mixed with ample doses of "What the hell just happened?!". I write poetry constantly, and so I love any show with deep, poetic plots or endings (i.e. the clock in Elfen Lied).

My first experiences with anime was Dragon Ball Z. My brother and I literally watched EVERY episode! The endless hours I spent on that series are the only good memories I have of my brother.

I love anime, though I only recently started actively watching it. I'm not quite as hardcore as many of the people on sites like these, but I have a deep, unrelenting desire to move to Japan. That's really my only goal in life.

My best friend is a guy named Ethan (Silinau on my friend list (or the tall guy sitting next to me)). Together we have redefined the word "obsessive" when it comes to anime.

So...that's who I am.



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ukato Jan 31, 2011

nice av of lucy/kanade btw. I really liked her flashbacks of her childhood, really REALLY raged at the dog scene in the classroom

ukato Jan 31, 2011

Hey there!! ^.^

Thanks for the wonderful comment, and YAY for anisongs!!! XD

Consider yourself friended :)

"Anime is the only thing that prevents me from going on homicidal rampages:)" - this is sooooooooo QFT bro, qft.

Seeing from your bio, you like dark anime (while your fav genres are harem, shounen, and SOL, lol) Im just wondering if you've seen "Higurashi ga Naku Koro ni". Like seriously, that is one of my favourite shows with its intense plot and twists, gore, insanity, AND slapstick comedy and moe moments. Seriously havent seen anything that comes close in turning its characters from adorable to abominable in a second.

Chainsaw juggling? lol XD. But imagine playing Jenga with a Chainsaw!! That's the scene my avatar is from XD Oh and i dont know if its clear, but the chainsaw is Pink as well, the Pink Chainsaw of Doom :3