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I'm Philip...<insert five paragraphs of useless information here>

Anime is the only thing that prevents me from going on homicidal rampages:)

You should be my friend! Especially if the sight of people being mutilated beyond recognition gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.


On a more serious-and much saner-note, I love stuff that scares the hell out of me. My favorite anime type is harem, but only when mixed with ample doses of "What the hell just happened?!". I write poetry constantly, and so I love any show with deep, poetic plots or endings (i.e. the clock in Elfen Lied).

My first experiences with anime was Dragon Ball Z. My brother and I literally watched EVERY episode! The endless hours I spent on that series are the only good memories I have of my brother.

I love anime, though I only recently started actively watching it. I'm not quite as hardcore as many of the people on sites like these, but I have a deep, unrelenting desire to move to Japan. That's really my only goal in life.

My best friend is a guy named Ethan (Silinau on my friend list (or the tall guy sitting next to me)). Together we have redefined the word "obsessive" when it comes to anime.

So...that's who I am.



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ukato Feb 2, 2011

Did i ever mention i LOVE Asa-sempai as well ? Also Kaede coz of her yandere. Kind of felt really stink for her that the dude MOVED AWAY FROM HER in the end... :\ He should've just gone for the harem ending and everyone would be happy :)

ukato Feb 1, 2011

OH yes, that ShuuxShuri thing aye. It was moving and sad and touching but kind of surprised me that they ACTUALLY went with the whole incest thing, as we confirm in the time skip.

Made me lols when i read your comment "Oh SHIT, Proffesor Stettle is looking at me" XD. Did it turn out alright or did he catch you watching GORE SCREAMING SHOW

OOOOOOOOOhh!! yes, NOW i remember that scene at the end with the clock thing!

About Gore, i KNOW! That game is sooo creepy and sooo awesome !! Too bad i dont know jap lol

Too bad i dont have PSP either, coz just today at uni, my mate was playing a fighting game based on the characters from Fate/Stay-night, an anime and visual novel that i really liked..

ukato Jan 31, 2011

haha, next to know you'll take me up on my suggested anime ^.^ If/when you do watch them, do let me know what you think :)

"The struggles between Lucy's super-ego and her in-born tendancies to eradicate mankind made Elfen Lied the best piece of cinema I've ever seen" - well said. Have you seen the manga ending? That one was very very good. A third ego appears, so apart from nyaanyaa-Lucy, and bullied-child-Kanade, there's this third unnamed one who's purely the incarnation of destructive desire of the homonuculus. And Keita has to kill her in the end. I QQ'd

Ah, i loved Myself;Yourself for it's subtle hints of darkness throughout the story. Wasn't too fond of the sudden timeskip at the end though.

By the way, did you see the link i put into the text for "Gore Screaming Show"? Im not sure if you could tell that was hyperlinked, so here it is again just coz i really REALLY like how epic that game is:

Here's another clip from Gore Screaming Show, it's from the very beginning of the game and damn it was freaky

Btw, did you just add that paragraph to your bio, or did i go (more) insane? And speaking of that, what was the "clock in Elfen Lied" again, i forgot. You mean the big grandfather clock aye?

Silinau Jan 31, 2011

Thank you so, so very much. You have changed my life forever.

ukato Jan 31, 2011

Oops, forgot to talk about anisongs.

Joint from Shakugan no Shana II is prob one of my oldest and strongest favourites. Here;s a link:

Btw since you seem to like dark gory stuff, here's the Opening from a dark visual novel called Gore Screaming Show. It's pretty/VERY epic stuff and the opening is really cool and freaky. Link here