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Mar 5, 2013


Good. It would be nice if it ended well, or wasn't shamefully trying to get you to read the rest of it either. Even for those faults it is very good. 


The animation lets the show down. It feels dated when you are watching it, and even if you take its age into consideration it is not that original. It can, and should, be forgiven for this though 



The music is good, although it is used inappropriately in places. At times the tone of what is happening and the tone that the music is trying to create are at complete odds with one another. I would normally only watch dubbed anime, with subbed versions being a last resort if I can not find the episode or title I am looking for. That being said I had to watch the subbed version of Berserk, the dub is really quite bad. 



The best thing about the show. They develop way beyond the stereotypes that they appear at the start. This is very enjoyable but makes the abrupt ending all the worse.



The physical aspects of this anime let it down, but I would still say it is excellent. It is very violent though which may not be to everyones liking.

8/10 story
6/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
9/10 characters
7.4/10 overall
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