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Elfen Lied

Mar 4, 2013


If it wasn’t for all the violence, of which there is a load, it would be pretty boring. It is about violent killing machines becoming less violent. That's it really. Well there's nudity and creepiness thrown in too.



All the violence is excellently portrayed, which is good beacuse there is alot. 



The vocal performances are quite bland, however there are some exceptions. The music used is excellent. It all fits the tone of this short anime very well. 



Pretty boring, no real connection is made. The detached nature of the Diclonius' is valid but there isn't enough time for that to be delved into fully. The natural people in this supernatural environment are pretty boring and way too predictable.  



Watch, but knowing how much violence is in it which as I have said is a lot

7/10 story
9/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
5/10 characters
7.1/10 overall
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chords7 May 6, 2013

i'm surprised you didn't rate this aime higher. I thought the characters were what they needed to be. this show is know for its violene and nudity which is a large part of the entertainment value but theres more to it than that. There's a lot of stuff that's pretty sad and you really feel sympathy for lucy. My only issue is the very last scene. This my sound too idealistic but i just wish they'd show you proof of Lucy's return. It's strongly suggested but what im more concerned with is how kota reacts to Lucy's return, basically does he love her after their moment before she leaves or does he choose that other girl who loves him. But overall i thought the show was extremely entertaining and everyone should watch it.