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Vampire Knight

27 FEB


Overall the story is a little bit forced, but some good twists and background provided. It should keep those who aren't just watching to drool over the male cast interested enough. 



Looks good, but let down by fight sequences. If it wasn't for the fact thet the creators wanted their characters to move quickly sometimes this show would have looked very good. However as it is noticeably lacking in that area it is only ok animation wise. 



The voicing is good, which is important because if not you would probably end up laughing at some of the things that the characters have to say. The music heightens the mood well, with a nice closing theme used.



They start off being interesting enough, but end up being annoying. At the beginning the main female character has a little more grit than at the end, I would have enjoyed if this had  stayed. Towards the end she becomes a little passive which is disappointing. The 'anti-hero' is ok enough once he gets past his need to explain his problems. The other male lead is so mysterious he lacks any real connection.



An O.K. Vampire anime, you will feel you have to watch the second season. There is some good content, I promise, if you are finding it hard to look past the all the fangirl elements. 

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User Review Scores

  • Story 7/10
  • Animation 7/10
  • Sound 7/10
  • Characters 6/10
  • Overall 6.8/10


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