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sothis avatar sothis


Mar 13, 2013

I rarely every leave comments like this, I'd appreciate if a bit more effort could be put into your reviews. I was excited by the large quantity posted today, only to see a single short sentence for each section (most of which will likely not be helpful for people - ie 'great film' or 'likeable characters'). Even if you dont think you have an exceptional writing skill, think about what content you'd want to see when reading a review, to decide to read it, and try it out, most people don't care about spelling/grammatical errors, but what they do look for is concrete reasons why they should or should not watch something, and the merits/bad points of the anime. :)

MKanime159 avatar MKanime159

You Rock!

Mar 8, 2013

Alrighty! All for it! I've already watched before Vampire Knight and read the manga.. Its great! ^_^

I'll make sure to watch what else you reccomended. They sound like lots of fun!!

MKanime159 avatar MKanime159


Mar 6, 2013

Alrighty! Guess I'll try to watch it then!! ^.^ What other good animes have I been missing out on? I personally usually don't like sequels and all that jazz because of how repetitive it is--But it sounds pretty good from the way you put it.

MKanime159 avatar MKanime159


Mar 6, 2013

My favorite anime so far would probably be Fullmetal Alchemist. Black Butler, Yugioh, and Darker than Black are good ones too. I love the characters and plot line, but the ending was a let down. I tried to watch Brotherhood, but it was quite annoying to watch, so I dropped it at episode 1. I never gave it a chance. :3 What is your favorite so far?

MKanime159 avatar MKanime159


Mar 5, 2013

I see what you mean! I can't even try to compare myself to other people's reviews! ^.^They are so long and deatailed! Go people with no literary skills! >.<

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