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Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru

Jul 5, 2012

 Boko wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru was very interesting anime. It was something that I enjoyed very much, but at the same time just wanted them to shut the fuck up.  Story: The story could have been more original in all, but I like the base of "brother x sister." Animation: absoloutly terrible. It seemed the animators had no idea what the fuck they were doing while designing this anime. The whole fucking OVA made me want to smash my laptop because of how terribe the animation was. Sound: I had nice sound. The only issue, I prefer dub over sub. The voice of Iku made me want to shove... See full review

7/10 story
2/10 animation
6/10 sound
3/10 characters
6.4/10 overall