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Wow, just oh my god this sucked I truly regret watching this, my stomach actualy feels queasy rigt now. I am so upset that im smiling i did not know i could be this disappointed in fact im past disappointed im past angry im am truly happy that i will never have to see this again. I feel giddy as i start this review never have I ever been more happy to utterly destroy a show with my review than i am right now. Lets get started shall we. There will be spoilers because you shold not watch this anyway.

Story- The story started out boring and only got worse. It was like the writes decide to just throw any random plot line and ad a popular character type and say theres a story arc. whats worse they just dangled interting thing in fornt of your face and yanked it away as soon as you stared giving a crap about it.

     First thing they do is introduce our main cast to a community of elves who apprently live in a magic forest and when I say community I mean two because we are introduced to the idea that their is a whole tribe of elves living there but we literally only ever see two of them where are the rest of the tribe? who knows, and when i say magic forest I mean one tree thats all you see of this magic "forest" and whats the conflict? one of the two elves does not like humans, why? who knows, but you know how to solve all your problems ? by givng people bread and all of a sudden they like, you screw talking about your diffrences and resolving issues just give people bread and that will solve evrything.

  The next big event in the show is that a girl washes up on the shore of the island just like the protaganist and they do nothing with that till the last four episodes.

Last story before the shit really hits the fan is of a little flying demon blob thing coming in to by sweets everday for an unknown reason. After an unspecifed number of days go by the three main girls decide to tail the little thing and end up in a big creepy masion behind a grave yard where they find out the demon thing is really the familiar of this gothic loli tsundere, I laughed as soon as this character was introduced because i knew no matter what billshit story they came up with for this character I would hate it and i was right. Now you would think based on her apprence and the fact that she has a familliar she was into som kind of magic but she is not she makes ready for where the hell did that plot come from a gothic loli tsundere who makes ice-cream apprently she had been sending Saito oops i mean her familiar to get pastrys so she could make sweeter ice cream based off it. guess how her problem gets resolved... thats right bread YAAAAY.

im gonna stop here because honestly i could keep going on and on about what was screwd up with this animes stroy, but dont worry i just coverd about eight episodes of this god awful show and those where the good parts the relly sucky stuff comes after this and you would be better off rubbing sand paper in your eyes than read about or watch that part.

Animaton- No problems here.

Sound- Mostly fine some tracks dont fit the scenes they are played over and alot of the characters voices get really annoying but compared to the rest of this show this is very minor.

Characters- I have one main gripe with these characters who the fuck acts like this almost all of them where washed up on this island with amneasia and not a single one cares about regaining there lost memories its just oh well im here now lets forget about what my life was before. any responsabiltys i may have or family that might miss me can go fuck themselves cause im staying here without a single thought about any of the people i may be hurting with my complete apthy.That in a nut shell is the attitude of almost all of the island inhabitants with any imprtance except the protaganist who is like that initally but then gains some common sense wich all the other characters want him to give up on having wich he does. That brings up another problem who is the protaganist ? that is never clarified and in the last two episode he grows wings and starts firing lasers out of his sword what the fuck. Moving on the character look like everyone was designed to be in a hentai excluding the prop people and two old people. Its just big boobs on almost all female charcters and the ones that dont have them are lolis, there are only three male characters in this show that are not props one of them doesn't appear till the end and the other is an old dwarf. 

Overall- Dont watch this it is not worth your time you are better off watching sword art online wich is not great but it is a better fantasy than this will evre be.

2/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
3/10 overall

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southernbell89 says...

I so should have read this review before I watched this show I'm pretty sure it took everything inside me to make it to the end ugh! This show was just painful the whole time. And I don't see me wanting bread for a long time. Your review pretty much sums it up, it was terrible!

Apr 29, 2014