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Haitai Nanafa

Story- Haitai has a very common story strange beings living in the home of regular people and causing humors mischeif with their odd abilitys. Been there seen that it was ok for what it was and i dont have any problems with it mostly because it is cute and episodic two of my favorite things in anime.

Animation- It looked very colorful and adorable.

Sound- nothing wrong, pretty standard, average all of these can be used to describe my feelings on the audio.

Characters- Here is where this show went south to many characters not enough time to do anything with them most of the characters in the show appear every episode for about 10 seconds, enough to deliver one line and perfrom one gag and thats it. They introduce characters on a split second bases at the begining of the series, so you get enough time to see ther face before they disappear in the ocean of other faces. The creators should have a made set cast of about three characters since each episode is only 3 minutes long that  way we can enjoy them instead of glimpsing them before someone else is shoved in our faces.   

 Overall- Too many characters, unoriginal story, and horrable pacing makes this show really hard to get into. I wanted to drop it after the the 3rd episode but i felt i should watch it to the end so i could more effectivley warn others of this. Dont watch this you have better things to do like watch paint dry. 

4/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
3/10 characters
4/10 overall

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