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Lucky Star

May 25, 2011




Konata Izumi, Kagami Hiiragi, Tsukasa Hiiragi, Miyuki Takara. Four High school students, their closer and farther surroundings, family and more or less daily affairs - from science, phobias, hobbies, to current events. What is the daily (not) the average residents of Kasukabe in Saitama province?

Lucky Star, ranging from very strongly associated with the content title, the prototype in the form of yonkomy, the main axis of the plot, which is a high school adventures of a group friends, greatly resembles its predecessor recognized. But it turned out that Kyoto Animation is able to keep the best, making a lot of well-conceived and masterfully executed innovation. We make a mistake someone on the basis of general similarities expect a nostalgic comedy with a tendency to recur (sweet kitten biting fingers Azumanga Daioh character was funny twice, but when the same scene in a slightly different arrangement nasty saw once, I felt only annoyance) . The principal source of difference lies in the elements, which in Azumanga Daioh, in principle, does not have - such as the ubiquitous mobile phones and the internet, signs of current times.

The story is episodic in the vast majority, closer to reportage or intelligence-"the river of consciousness", rather than traditional solutions. Spectrum of issues discussed range from how to eat with cream cones for a typical school, timeless and ever-present problems, the current social stereotypes and nationwide trends. But while looking for nostalgic Azumanga Daioh generalizations, Lucky Star is closer to a reality show. In addition, a series of unprecedented scope is trying to "break the barrier" between his fictional world and reality, as a way of building and reaching for the real places and events. Realistic approach to the series of "fragments of life" we know well from the production, such as Ichigo Mashimaro, which is where you can safely say that it presents reliable than the characterological form a coherent, realistic environment. However, despite all the Ichigo Mashimaro production is entirely fictional. The Lucky Star is completely different. Series is full of really existing places, presented with surprising fidelity - and it's not just important and recognizable objects, such as the temple Washinomiya, the oldest temple in the Kanto, where the Hiiragi sisters, school friends Konaty, serve as a miko, and whose characteristic widoczek, with a dancing Kagami, placed in the initial animation. Realistic representations of real places (mainly in Saitama province) are also homes - Konaty, the original is located in Satte, and sisters Hiiragi, originally in Washimiyi, a school located in Kasukabe, and even a fair number of different ends or even widoczków of otaku mecca - Akihabara.

However, the penetration of the real world and the world of anime is not just limited to the scenery. The whole series is riddled with literally thousands of references. From matters of the eternal subject of everyday talk, as the weather, overcrowded trains, the stereotypes in the perception of people living in different parts of the city and country, the phenomena and social phenomena - the universal, like those ubiquitous cell phones, but also restricted to the otaku - even famous BBS 2ch, which is to be regulars and Konata. From high-profile criminal cases, and chronicles the front pages of newspapers, the popular advertising - as Timotei and Boss, to name but two. And, of course - countless, more or less playful and more or less carefully concealed references to the elements of pop culture, games, and any anime. Konata vs. characters from Street Fighter 2 Konata as a heroine Galga / eroge. Portions of the dialogue, taken directly from the Maria-sama ga Miteru and Konata recording that is now "phase" of this series, indeed commenting on how much the behavior of one of my colleagues like her heroine. Konata buying volume of Shuffle! and a poster of Shia, standing in the store. Occasional Geass in the eye of the crazy komiksiarni retailer, which is often visited by Konata. Mask Bont - kuna from Full Metal Panic! Fummoffu on the head cop - Konaty cousin. Finally, countless anime-related paraphernalia, appearing in the environment form - stickers with Dragon Ball, Mikuru figurine and a red armband of Haruhi Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, pendants with Keroro Gunsou, to name but a few - and also cover the current issue of "Newtype" , and Konata delighted in him publishing her fanartu. Of course, this number "Newtype" contained in the relevant section of the drawing signed "Konata Izumi" ... A further blurred the boundary of the world of anime and reality was a form element Minoru Shiraishiego, actor and voice actor, who appeared in the series as himself, in a variant of "drawing" as a classmate Konaty and live primarily in an absolutely crazy endings, surrounding a large part of the episode , filmed by the seiyuu cast in random places in the outdoors.

Definitely the most numerous, however, appear to be references, references and jokes related to the Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, the series produced by KyoAni. Konata, a convinced fan, could not give vent to his happiness, when the announcement was the decision to produce a second series of this anime. Was it not enough that Kisa cosplay Konata in which he works, and recreates the world of this particular form of the series. I think it is not difficult to guess who disguises herself as Konata, if we take into account that both Konaty seiyuu, and Haruhi is Aya Hirano? Tracking all this can provide many hours of fun, because I actually have no chance to see everything on the first viewing of any episode. A fanatical accuracy with which they have placed all the references, evidenced by the fact that when friends visit from Konata Convent, insiders easily identify that presents the third day of Comic Market 71, which fell on New Year's Eve 2006.

A successful casting is also a voice actor, and watching every episode of madness Minoru Shiraishiego others, can not help noticing that the creation of this series had to be for the team seiyuu pretty good fun. All of these deficiencies with interest compensates the story. Can be easily noted that the Lucky Star in an amazing way flattered otaku tastes, but it does cut, intelligent humor. Do not be here so expect the usual more or less persistent fanserwisu, even if all the components typically used, and situations such as a summer trip to the beach (mandatory evening ended with fireworks in yukatas) are present in the series. At the same time to capture a substantial part of the jokes and references required is really enormous knowledge. There's no denying that for many fans of Japanese animation that is the apogee, the highest and most sublime form of fan service.


Just like in Azumanga Daioh, heroines are clearly defined and rather typical characters, coinciding with widespread archetypes in anime form. Younger sister - sweet muff, old - very substantial geek, rarely showing a soft side, and demonstrates the impeccable manners meganekko ... But unlike then, the series, Lucky Star has a main character - Konate, a veritable embodiment of the present. Child Internet era with an incomplete family - a widowed father, primarily interested in manga, anime and games ... so eroge and MMOs. Convent regulars and "Legendary Girl A" for the staff of all the local shops with multimedia (incidentally, the Japanese law allows minors to identify the victims / perpetrators of crime only as "boys / girls A, B, C, etc.). Konata turns out to be an expert when it comes to things that interest her, is the master of all-night marathons przedklasówkowych, Freeloader, able to invent a thousand and one excuses for homework write-off from someone else, and the tutor's class is playing the same game online. Although it is not lack of intelligence, just does not care about school, so her grades are very unequal. Costs associated with funding the work of a hobby - a waitress in one of many cosplay Kisa (cosplay cafes). And this is only the beginning of the information to include in a series of viewers. With time we will know the families of the heroines and their circle of acquaintances. On closer inspection, it appears that the main characters are in the smallest little things considered, while viewers have the chance to see the characters probably not much worse than some real friends.


Lucky Star is a series of surprisingly poor when it comes to artistic setting. The projects are as simple, in a series full of "lazy animation" and simplifications in backgrounds, but the lack of any animation errors and you can see that the essential elements of a carefully performed.


Music is just a few simple, very distinctive melodies, but where you need to appear successful, original and quite complex musical themes. Is incredibly infectious song accompanying the forefront.


On one hand, tightness, with other conventional convention and lack of artistic fancy probably polarize the evaluation of this series. Those who engage Lucky Star, will be delighted. I suspect that there will be a large group who can not find anything for myself here, and you watch this series just get bored. This is not an option for everyone, but definitely worth at least try!

8/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
9/10 characters
7/10 overall
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