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Seitokai Yakuindomo

May 25, 2011




Have come changes. Drastic changes. Female high school Ousai with the beginning of the new year turns into a co-educational institution. Gender ugly is coming and nothing will change that. One of the new unique quirks, such as men, it turns out Takatoshi Tsuda. A student on average, ambitious and careful in choosing a new school. Ousai is closest to his house, which was sufficient for recommending a place to study. However, it is given to him to cross the front door of the new high school, encounters on his way Shino Amakusa, student government president. Tsuda of the place is admonished for the messy look, and also ensured that Shino is narrow and does not want to be regarded as easy. Shino also explains Tsuda that the government is now in an extremely difficult situation because he has no idea how to deal with male students. Therefore, Tsuda is immediately incorporated in its composition. Any refusal will not come into play, as its securities as a Vice President has already hit the appropriate desk. In addition to the two above-mentioned part of the government falls and a nice wealthy Shichijou Aria, which was very volatile mind is filled with erotic thoughts, and Suzue Hagimura, treasurer of his little growth, which we all take for your child.

And so shall be the beginning of one of the best comedy anime that I was able to watch it. Comedy with an interesting design, intelligent humor, and deviant themes, complemented by great heroes. The whole of humor and comedy gags based on the themes of sex and erotica. Our poor protagonist finds himself in the center of female high school until recently. Is forced to listen to every step of the talks on tamponach, feminine napkins, and other topics, in the local government and is working with two of the most nieskrępowanymi girls at school. On the agenda are discussions, ideas, comments and associations Aria and Shino revolving around sex, sex gadgets, sex positions, sexual, erection, porn, masturbation, associated with all stereotypes, and misunderstanding of many things because of the limited knowledge often drawn from anime and games. Most of the conversations that have the misfortune to hear Tsuda, or in which to participate, sooner or later going to the sexual connotations. Apparently not expecting that girls at this age think about such matters as often (and probably even more here), which the male population. Just that on a hot day Shino hinted that the sweating and naive Tsuda said anything. Then I may have heard, where the President is wet. Almost each and every situation but it soon finds erotic association.

Probably many of you are born in the mind of doubt, if this anime is sometimes obscene, humor plate, and the whole distasteful. Sam, it proceeded to watch the series, I thought the same. Almost immediately I realized that all my fears were completely unfounded. First, the series does not include anything of ecchi. This is no typical scene from the same species. I remember only two moments, which could force the pull into this category. And all of this, and so without any nudity, views, panties, bras, or blush with shame. Here, no one is ashamed. The girls talk about everything at ease, and Tsuda is a guy with a healthy approach to life and "the last fair and moral" in this company. Series turns out to be a typical comedy of manners, no matter how hard it seemed impossible. Watching this anime, I immediately contacting attention to the intelligent way to present humor and his subjects. Everything here is based not only on the random associations, but also on a great word game for the demonstration on the occasion of the intricacies of the Japanese language. Just two people talking to confused as to the context of speech his interlocutor, and the same sentence or word to be understood differently - but still, each side is firmly convinced that talking about it, what was originally sought. Confusion occurs at the end. And again it all comes down to sex. The same phenomenon is shown in the case of kanji characters, where a poorly placed dash instantly transforms innocent "bush" in adult content. Or two almost identical-sounding words. One sound bad and it turns out that we are talking about erotic rope krępowaniu partner. Seitokai Yakuindomo proves to all and sundry that the subject of comedy may even be inflated as sex, and still give a great sense of humor to create a level - for anyone who has this little bit of a distance. Plus, does not shrink from parody and satire, often lampooned diagrams and stereotypes familiar to us from other species of Japanese anime and games, which obviously varies the session and provide more reasons to smile.

Therefore, further highlights the phenomenal sense of humor, ironic comments are artists, appearing on the screen in the form of interludes. There often draw attention to the especially difficult kanji, or just laugh at ourselves from what is shown. Or do not express anything, just doing the "eggs". As in the case, and younger sister Shino Tsudy delighted with a large bathroom, and quickly serve our authors comment (BAM!) "sorry, but we do not have a scene in the bathroom," which met with a groan the default profession of the audience. These types of panels also shows that the founders were people really wyluzowanymi and positively curled who wanted to present in this anime a different kind of humor than that to which we have become accustomed comedy mass. In fact, everything seems to indicate that we have here a typical ecchi harem next scenes, plus throw in kosher for romance. And none of these things is not. While so many beautiful of girls around, abandon hope for a schematic gags. Anime shines from afar originality and fresh ideas.

Humor is the most important thing here, no need to cheat. But that does not mean that there is no room for any story. Local government is working hard, and anime shows, on which he must break his head, which has duties, and must be tackled head-on what has custody so we await complaints and students, intensive preparations for the Christmas school, school trip, setting a new club , and a variety of more or less trivial decisions. Choose the beach, gonna the semester exams, wręczymy the gifts on Christmas, visit the great mansion of a filthy rich student, will play in the school theater, look on during school sporting events, and together we look heroic behavior Georgi. Who is Georgi? This question also falls in the anime ...


Good comedy is good guys. And this Seitokai Yakuindomo not refuse. All the characters exude positive energy, humor and smile, you can also easily see the bonds of friendship that formed between them. Tsuda, however, is by far the best character. This is a practical guy who talks revolving around sex is warm enough, especially because of its moral side feels under constant fire. Not to mention that he is a frequent object of suspicion and speculation about impure thoughts and sexual activity (usually performed on myself). And about his innocence, and so nobody wants to listen. Tsuda is in the local sheriff, trying to take care of the remnants of social correctness - the same acts as Kyon in Haruhi Suzumiya Melancholy series. For each ambiguous dialogue companions, in the case of errors and the president in all other situations, space, will deliver an ironic, cynical comment or sober, aptly summing up the conversation, or containing an extra punch lines. Sometimes he finds himself in the form of a narrator. And this is an honest, decent guy who takes every day hopeless, lonely fight for ethics in local government.


Graphics can be very uneven. On one hand, can raise the recognition of anime beautifully polished backgrounds, landscapes and views of the improved computer technology, such as school buildings and views of the city or metro stations. In contrast, if the characters and animations frequently there are clear simplicity and small decreases in quality. There are more elaborate scenes and shots and a little worse. There are many scenes here Deformed mode, but in most cases it is justified by the need to emphasize proper comedy skits.


Music fits the series perfectly, especially the dynamic, rhythmic and crazy, and a phenomenal opening and twisted ending. Because of the dialogue and humor is difficult to pay attention to music in the background, but there are some good pieces, scroll by in a series, especially one originating in the disc from your favorite anime Tsudy. Very well emphasizes moral and peaceful moments in the series.


Difficulty, which could pose a anime, is the need to keep up not only for captions explaining the dialogues, but all the explanations that are displayed on the screen. Let's face it, if not, they could not understand more than half of gags and puns in this series. This type of "footnotes" explain to us the meaning of the sentence, kanji, return and the complexities of grammar, which enables us to understand what it was a misunderstanding about. You have to be Japanese in order to fully understand all the word games in this series. Even knowledge can help a little here, as well as fluent English does not guarantee understanding of British humor.

Seitokai Yakuindomo is a very good series. You do not need boobs, panties and harassment, to make a great comedy, in which the humor revolves around sex and eroticism. Dziewczątka do not have to shriek and the blush, the guys accidentally bounce them face between his legs and he is not necessarily start from the position of the last zero. Intelligent people will create humor on the level regardless of the matter, while breaking with the stereotypical notions. I recommend anyone who has enough mass comedies, labour the point repeatedly gags ecchi and lack of originality in anime comedies. If you want to laugh with something new, then I invite you.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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