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Yui Hirasawa is launching a freshman. She would like to subscribe to a club, but as they do not have any interest, has a serious problem with the choice of something for everyone. At the same time, Ritsu Tainaka with the help of Mio decides to resurrect the club Akiya light music (the title of K-ON), which is threatened with closure because too few members. Joining them yet Tsumugi Kotobuki plexus and as a result of various cases of four teenagers (of which only one can truly play a musical instrument), become the only member of a club and form a band.

Such an admission would imply that we have to do with anime music, and in some sense this is true. Series, however, is maintained in a climate closer to Lucky Star - lack of male characters here, so it's hard to write about a typical school comedy, and the viewer can often get the impression that the series is really about nothing.

For K-ON! perhaps best approached without any expectations. Without a doubt, this is not the best series of the existing music. It is not difficult to find a better school comedy genre and the titles of "scraps of life." Even believing in promises that seem to give the anime (especially at the beginning) may be a mistake. K-ON! Unfortunately, most do not fulfill the promises and the expectations usually fails. Is probably the most disappointing is that there really enough music. Girls prefer gossiping and cut through cakes than play, and sometimes it can irritate not only the more determined character, but also the viewer. Fortunately, when watching the series after several episodes at once an impression is a bit blurred. Though it may sound after these allegations very credible, K-ON! is a series of very good and whenever I get rid of the burden of expectations, it can surprise us sometimes mile. Given this series as it is, and not including unfulfilled wishes against the drawbacks, we get a really front and relaxing anime.

It should, however, to warn potential viewers - a series of creeps up on Moe. This term matches any character (except perhaps Ritsu) and is in excess of any standard. Opponents may K-ON! should steer clear of a wide berth. However, if someone does not bother, and for this, following the advice contained in the previous paragraph, it divests itself of expectations for the series, it is well on its way to becoming a fan. Did not meet expectations is not the fact that the series turns out to be worse than we had expected, and that turns out to be different.


One gets the impression that the theme of this anime is really occurring in the form, so it's important for them to write a few words. The main character is playing the guitar Yui. Full of enthusiasm, which usually turns out to be, unfortunately, straw (although sometimes it can surprise a strong will and stubbornness). Completely irresponsible, clumsy, forgetful and scatterbrained, with all its flaws are charming in their own way, and although it is clear that this is how they were designed, only the most insensitive can viewers will be able to resist the allure of the main character. Moreover, it is very nice, happy and extremely positive (excluding the times when it is clearly devoid of any energy.)

President of the club is already mentioned earlier drummer Ritsu, tomboy at times, the natural leader of the (albeit rather the species of imposing "subordinate" its commitment to non-compelling them with the charisma). Associations of Haruhi Suzumiya, the title heroine of the series probably most famous authors of the K-ON!, In her case probably inevitable.

Mio, a fairly tight-lipped friend of Ritsu, playing in a band on bass guitar. At the beginning of the impression most sense of the girls, but soon it turns out that it really leaves the first episode on it a bit wrong impression. It is pathologically shy and fearful. For some reason the authors decided to pull out these features to the fore, a pity. Unfortunately, there is also a long time the only character who seems to be a bit more serious approach to the game, which combined with its dim punch usually gives poor results. Członkiniom rest of the team to happiness enough tea and biscuits, and the work they can not be even the oxen herd.

List of members of the team closes the Mugi, dedicated to playing the keyboards. As the only began learning to play the instrument long before the advent of high school. Gives the impression of a bit detached from the world. He comes from a wealthy family, but it is far from elevating the snobki. On the contrary, fascinated her most ordinary phenomena, such as buying fries at fast food or haggling in a shop. It is the main dostarczycielką cookies and tea, which can be regarded as the person responsible for permanent stagnation prevailing in the club - but if anyone is able to blame being so charming? It also has a dark secret, but I will not be spoiled by the readers of fun, showing it in the review. In addition to these girls, there are a few well-exposed secondary characters, each of which gives rise to sympathy and it is difficult to identify any weak link in the cast. It is worth noting that, apart from a few extras in the absence of K-ON! male characters.


Musical setting is very pleasant to the ear. Songs scrolling in the background fit the scenes and do not raise objections. Opening is decent, catchy melody, and the animation look nice. It is worth mentioning that at some point, it is a few minor modifications, but viewers seeking the leave. Ending is downright thrilling. Graphically very interesting, but the music deserves it the most attention - is simply great and downright addictive. Appearing in a series of songs played by the title the club are full of energy, it's nice to hear them and easily memorable. Seiyuu selection and by not (because it's almost exclusively women) work stand at the highest level.

On the occasion of writing about openingu I pay attention to an annoying habit which can be observed not only in the K-ON!. Namely, it happens that short scene shown before the leading edge comes from the ... center section. As if the authors were not enough anime known to many anime episode titles that betray the entire content. In addition, such a measure removed from the spoilers were randomly interspersed with "normal" introductions, so you can not just scroll through them.


Although the graphics are far from experimental, it is unusual in its own way. Character design is quite original and impeccably drawn backgrounds, but did not deny breath in my chest. That up uniqueness gives graphic animation - the contours of characters and other moving parts seem to be "smooth", drawn a little uneven, chaotic, yet carefully. Thanks to the animation seems a lot more lively. I must admit that I am very pleased by the taste of this treatment, however, warn that not everyone has to like it. Though at times you can see that the camera tries to avoid playing characters, the animation during the performances are natural and deserve recognition.


Most of the spectators, who once tried to deal with the game on the guitar, probably pay attention to the fact that arise from time to time on topics you learn to play this particular instrument is most true - the main character complains of sore fingertips, no problems the F major chord, or is "offered a" nasty crash through the amplifier when it pulls the plug without reducing the volume. In a word - the authors odrobili homework, for which they are (especially from former / future guitarists) applause. Even if the heroine of the great majority of the time give themselves quite niemuzycznym operations. It is worth mentioning that K-ON! has a strange property - perfect motivation to play an instrument! And I am talking not only about the mania, which swept Japan (Les Paul, especially in the colors of the guitar Yui, there reportedly are selling like hot cakes). Motivational Magic K-ON! also works with us, if you do not believe me, check. Sometimes it's hard to sit at their computer screens without any instrument in the hands.

K-ON! You can basically sum up perfectly matching words to describe the main character - at times quite awkward, able to resolve short-term surges, sometimes disappointing, but nevertheless is full of charm, warmth and humor. Despite these flaws can positively surprise. While certainly there are those who sincerely hate it or indifferent mien, for many will be pleasant memories, and some will even be able to forgive all its flaws, and love without reserve - the charm, humor and a pleasant, light atmosphere and a very positive impression what is left behind.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall
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