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TheAngelofDeath Nov 26, 2014

Thanks for your comment!

Yes perhaps I overlooked hiromi a lot in my review and could of probably of done a lot better in describing her if I had tried to. Unfortunely as of now its been too long since i've last seen this Anime so I cannot remember all the important details in relation to her. If I ever choose to rewatch it again I'll definately update my review with the 2nd watch view (perferably the objective view of it). However unfortunely while it was a fun and awesome Anime to watch I don't see it as an Anime with a powerful rewatchability so it may not be easy to get back into the mood to watch it again but if I do then I'll definately update it.

Thanks for the opinion!

AngelBeatsYui Aug 27, 2014

It's fine, really! I am glad I could help!

VampGirl Aug 25, 2014

Hello And Welcome To Anime-Planet!!! Hope you enjoy your time here! :)

tootalls Aug 5, 2014

Totally agree, but I also the the story would round out better if  Noe was chosen, it seemed to make more sense to me. I have no problem with anythin himari did tough, infact she quicly notices her mistakes and makes fast decisions to rectify a bad situation.

AngelBeatsYui Jun 30, 2014

Badges are just like achievements, just a bit of fun in a way. You can use badges to think about what you want to watch, like if you are trying to get a badge for a certain studio, you can just pick from that and once to have finishes enough you will get a badge, pretty random but fun.